7 Reasons Why Elizabeth II Is a Trendsetter

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Hard to believe that Queen Elizabeth II on the 21 April celebrates already its 90th birthday. Their style security many a Fashionista could cut still a slice. But in terms of trends, the great-grandmother is an absolute pioneer. Don’t you think? Take a look here…

1 pastel colors

The Queen opts for, despite their advanced age, like sweet candy colours. And Behold, 2016 Rose Quartz and light blue are not only the colors of the season, but pastel was in pretty much all the shades on the catwalks and Streetstyleblogs to see, such as here at Emporio Armani (2.v.r.) or the combined with simple, black skirt, seen during the Paris Fashionweeks (2.v.l.) Read the rest of this entry »

So Sexy T-Shirts Carry Infants?

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Trendy children’s clothing is growing range just in fashion mothers becoming increasingly popular. But now the Department store chain TK Maxx stands for a piece of clothing in the criticism. An outraged mother distributed pictures of shirts for two on the net that shows a nakedness model.

In a Dublin TK Maxx store there to buy the children’s T shirts for just ten euros. The print shows the British supermodel Kate Moss (42), half-naked in lascivious poses. But should be something on a piece of children clothing for two to see? Read the rest of this entry »

Is Karl Lagerfeld about to Retire?

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An era comes to an end: Karl Lagerfeld (82) will reportedly put to rest. The cruise collection show of Chanel, which will be held on May 3 in Cuba, will be his last.

For months is rumored in the world of fashion, Hedi Slimane (47) could Karl Lagerfeld as head designer and creative director at Chanel replace. Now, the “page six” of the “New York Post” reported that the exit of the Modezaren already for the next month is scheduled. Read the rest of this entry »

The 7 Coolest Coachella Trends

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The festival season is opened! The opening makes, like every year, the Coachella Festival. For this open air catwalk, the Hollywood stars like to really throw themselves into shell. STYLEBOOK.de introduces the 7 Festival new trends.

The legendary Coachella Music Festival in California (15-17 and April 22-24) is the International fashion weeks loosely in the shade! Soon also the Festival visitors attract worldwide what here wear the VIPs and it girls like Kendall Jenner (20) and Katy Perry (31). And this year the famous guests at the Open-Air catwalk show fashion sets the tone which outfit – flower wreaths and braided hairstyles are no longer other’s. Read the rest of this entry »

These Are the 7 Style Tricks of the Pop-Queen

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Every Saturday we see singer and American Idol judge Vanessa Mai (23) in a different hammer look, as well as with numerous red-carpet performances. Our site has now betrayed their fashion tricks her stylist.

Vanessa Mandekic (her stage name derives from their birth month) is not only current American Idol judge, she is also the new Schlager asterisk on the folk music heaven. Since her fast-paced career experts and Media Act the singer as the new Helene Fischer (31).

The Stylist of pop Queens
So it is not surprising that the two stars share a stylist also: Sascha Gaugel. He is founder of inter alia by “Hausach couture”, won for his label in 2006 founded the “new faces Award” in the sector of fashion and worked for magazines such as the “Gala” and “Tush”. Also stars Sophia Thomalla (26), Andrea Berg (50) and Andie McDowell (58) have used to his sense of style. Read the rest of this entry »

Is It the Olmpic Dog in the World?

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Not only their own welfare is important to a wealthy woman such as fashion designer Donatella Versace (60). Even their most loyal companion, Terrier Lady Audrey, is used only the best of the best. A sumptuous glimpse into the luxury dog’s life by dog able!

Karl Lagerfeld has chick Choupette at his side, Donatella Versace their Jack Russell Terrier Audrey. Also Audrey is just like Choupette after stroke and thread by Mistress spoils.

So, Audrey doesn’t travel in a stuffy box as perhaps ordinary four-legged friends do, but flies with own private jet. Read the rest of this entry »

So You Will Never Have to Spring Fever

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Snow rain, clouds, temperatures below 10 ° C – this is no spring yet! Make you feel still summery: 7 tips to us at least warm to the heart.

Currently, we feel more frozen as a sun-drenched. Fault: Bibbern weather, which again dig us out even winter parka and caps allow.

Nevertheless, we should not have to give on spring fever! Fortunately, you can make some things too easily without warm temperatures and the yellow power ball in the sky. Tomato with mozzarella cheese for example eat or wear bright colors. Because ultimately even sunshine is only there is a question of setting -! Read the rest of this entry »

Only One Copy Was Kate’s Wedding Dress?

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Duchess Kate charmed with her wedding dress (34) on their big day five years ago millions of fans. Now, however, there is trouble: A designer claimed, for the famous dress is been copied – and sued the Alexander McQueen label.

On April 29, 2011, the whole world on Duchess Catherine looked as she gave say Prince William (33). The dream wedding perfect made at that time also her dream dress: Sarah Burton (41), Creative Director of Alexander McQueen had designed for the bride a beautiful robe, garnered much applause. A lady not delighted but obviously Kate’s dress. Read the rest of this entry »

Why Is This White T-Shirt Costs 500 Euro?

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You urgently need a white Basic T shirt that did not come from the bargain counter? Then you should quickly access. Because the model of Saint Laurent is virtually sold out. But that is not the only catch.

500 € (!), in words: five hundred euro costs this plain white T-Shirt at the Parisian Label Saint Laurent.

Looks like a normal cotton T-shirt. The difference here: It is from the Saint Laurent’s Paris Luxury label and therefore 500 euros

When hyped labels we have seen already some, prices often baseless in the infinite. But it shoots the bird clearly. Read the rest of this entry »