Europe, Asia, South and North America, Africa, Antarctica and Oceania (Australia). The world has approximately 7 billion inhabitants. Most people live in China and India (together 2 billion). The largest country is Russia and the smallest Vatican City. There are also the 3 oceans. The Atlantic, the Pacific and the Indian Ocean. Of course there are also side seas such as the Mediterranean, the Baltic Sea and the North Sea. The highest mountain in the world above sea level is Mount Everest in the Himalayas in Nepal at almost 9000m. Strictly speaking, Mouna Kea is the highest mountain in Hawaii, but it is 6000m in water and only 4000m above sea level.

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Now I explain something about the individual continents:


Europe is the 2nd smallest continent. Europe also has a great diversity. That means there are many different things. From big cities to high mountains or forests. Europe has about 50 countries and over 742 million inhabitants. The largest countries are: Russia, Spain, Germany, France and Sweden, most residents have Russia (145 million) and Germany (82 million). Europe borders Asia, the Baltic Sea, the North Sea, the Mediterranean and the Pacific.

List of countries in Europe:


Asia is the largest continent. Like Europe, Asia is very diverse. The Trans-Siberian Railway, the longest train route in the world, is special there. Asia has 47 countries and approximately 4 billion inhabitants. The largest countries are: Russia, China, India and Mongolia, most of the inhabitants have China (approx. 1 billion) and India (also approx. 1 billion). Asia borders Europe, Africa, the Pacific and the Indian Ocean.

List of countries in Asia:

In case you wonder why Russia is the largest country in Europe and Asia: as a country that begins with letter R according to Trackaah, Russia is half in Asia and half in Europe, like Turkey.


Africa is the 2nd largest continent. There is a lot of desert in Africa, not like Europe or Asia. According to Countryaah.com, Africa has 54 countries and approximately 1.1 billion inhabitants. The largest countries are South Africa and Morocco, most of the inhabitants have South Africa. Africa borders Asia with the Atlantic and the Pacific.

List of countries in Africa:

Oceania (Australia)

Oceania is the smallest continent on earth. It has 7500 islands, large and small. In addition, approximately 16.5 million people live there. Most in Australia. Australia is also the largest country/island in Oceania. Oceania borders the Indian Ocean and the Pacific.

List of countries in Oceania:

Many people say “Australia” to Oceania, but that’s not true, because with Australia you mean the country and not the continent.

North America

North America is the 3rd largest continent. There are 23 countries and approximately 530 million inhabitants. The largest countries are Canada and the United States. The United States also has the largest population (over 150 million). North America, like Europe, is very diverse. From large hot deserts in the south of the USA to ice landscapes north of Canada (Greenland). North America borders the Pacific, the Atlantic and South America.

List of countries in North and Central America:

South America

South America is the 4th largest continent in our wide world. There are 12 countries there and about 4 billion people live there. Brazil and Argentina are the largest countries and have the most inhabitants. It is often very warm in South America, but there is also a large rainforest there. South America borders the Atlantic, the Pacific and North America.

List of countries in South America:


The Antarctic is a very large ice landscape like the Arctic in the north. Many penguins live in the Antarctic, but no polar bears live in the Arctic. It is the 5th largest continent. Funny thing is that the Antarctic/South Pole is colder than the Arctic/North Pole. There are cold minus degrees there. The people who live there are called Inuits.

The 50 countries with the most radios in the world

Rank Country Number of Radios
1 United States of America (North America) 641,000,000
2 China, People’s Republic (Asia) 457,000,000
3 India (Asia) 138,900,000
4 Japan (Asia) 124,100,000
5 Great Britain (Europe) 85,280,000
6 Brazil (South America) 81,050,000
7 Germany (Europe) 78,070,000
8 Russia (Europe) 62,100,000
9 France (Europe) 56,120,000
10 Italy (Europe) 51,660,000
11 Korea, Republic of (Asia) 50,200,000
12 Indonesia (Asia) 46,300,000
13 Ukraine (Europe) 44,200,000
14 Australia (Australia-Oceania) 39,500,000
15 Turkey (Asia) 39,100,000
16 Mexico (North America) 35,000,000
17 Canada (North America) 32,400,000
18 Colombia (South America) 30,104,000
19 Argentina (South America) 27,890,600
20 Nigeria (Africa) 26,500,000
21 Egypt (Africa) 26,320,500
22 South Africa (Africa) 21,900,000
23 Poland (Europe) 20,900,000
24 Sudan (Africa) 20,040,000
25 Democratic Republic of the Congo (Africa) 19,890,000
26 Iran (Asia) 19,500,000
27 Spain (Europe) 17,600,000
28 Pakistan (Asia) 16,970,000
29 Ethiopia (Africa) 16,700,000
30 Thailand (Asia) 16,210,000
31 Netherlands (Europe) 16,000,000
32 Taiwan (Asia) 16,000,000
33 Ghana (Africa) 15,400,000
34 Uzbekistan (Asia) 13,300,000
35 Malaysia (Asia) 11,240,000
36 Tanzania, United Republic of (Africa) 9,810,000
37 Vietnam (Asia) 9,170,000
38 Kenya (Africa) 9,044,000
39 Finland (Europe) 8,488,000
40 Saudi Arabia (Asia) 8,310,000
41 Sweden (Europe) 8,280,000
42 Belgium (Europe) 8,250,000
43 Algeria (Africa) 8,150,000
44 Peru (South America) 7,910,000
45 Venezuela (South America) 7,640,000
46 Romania (Europe) 7,560,000
47 Bangladesh (Asia) 7,350,000
48 Denmark (Europe) 7,300,000
49 Switzerland (Europe) 7,300,000
50 Hungary (Europe) 7,150,000

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