Ghana 2004

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Yearbook 2004

Ghana. President John Kufuor was re-elected by a large majority already in the first round of elections in December. He got close to 53% of the vote against just over 44% for main opponent John Atta Mills. According to CountryAAH, the total population in Ghana is 31,072,951 people in 2020. The election was largely calm and participation was over 83%. Ghana, thus corresponded to his reputation as a democratic example in West Africa. Kufuor succeeded in his first five years in power i.e. reduce inflation sharply.

In the enlarged parliament, the President’s New Patriotic Party received 129 of the 230 seats. Atta Mill’s National Democratic Congress party, with its roots in the latest military regime, received 88 seats. A few months before the election, the government revoked the state of emergency that has prevailed since March 2002 in the Dagombariket (Dagbon region) in the north. The exception rules were introduced after the murder of a traditional chieftain and 40 of his followers.

In August, the state assumed control of the airline Ghana Airways and dismissed the board. The airline, which then had a debt of about $ 160 million, had been banned from flying to the United States a few weeks earlier, citing a lack of security. During the fall, the state negotiated with foreign stakeholders for a restructuring of the company and a bid went to the US-based conglomerate Ghana International Airways.

Ghana People