Guinea 2004

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Yearbook 2004

Guinea. At the beginning of the year, Prime Minister Lamine Sidimé was forced to leave. He was replaced by former Foreign Minister François Lonseny Fall. Several other leading politicians were also allowed to leave. Prosecution was brought in April against opposition politician Sidya Touré and a high-ranking military accused of coup plans. Both rejected the charges. Several other members of Touré’s party Republican Forces Union (UFR) had previously been arrested following similar charges. Fall did not last long as prime minister. He left the post at the end of April, when he was abroad. As a reason, he cited the difficulties of implementing political and economic reforms. Fall said the arrest of Touré had made his task more difficult. However, the opposition politician was released in July without any trial being held. The release took place before Guinea’s negotiations with the EU.

During the summer, the World Bank stopped new loans to Guinea, as the country had not been able to pay off old debts. Other donors also froze their support for the country. The economic crisis became more and more noticeable. Agriculture had a bad year and disruptions in electricity supply led to reduced industrial production. High food prices and the fact that many government employees had not received their wages triggered a series of street protests.

The total population in Guinea is 13,132,806 people in 2020. Almost all Sierra Leonean refugees had returned to their home country in August. At most, more than 90,000 Sierra Leoneans had sought refuge in Guinea. Later in the year, a program would be launched to help about 73,000 refugees return to Liberia.

In October, a dozen people who had been arrested in 2003 were arrested for preparing a coup. Judicial proceedings began the same month against twelve soldiers who were also accused of planning a coup attempt.

In December, the former Minister of Fisheries, Cellou Dalien Diallo, was appointed new Prime Minister after the post had been vacant for almost eight months.

Guinea People