Zambia 2004

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Yearbook 2004

Zambia. According to CountryAAH, the total population in Zambia is 18,383,966 people in 2020. The attempts to convict former President Frederick Chiluba for corruption faced great difficulties, mainly for legal reasons. During the year, new charges were brought against Chiluba, who is accused of having embezzled the equivalent of about a quarter of a billion during his ten years in power. from the Treasury. In September, most of the charges were dropped, but at the same time new charges were brought. Court sources said prosecutors wanted to reorganize the charges in order to simplify and speed up the trials.

After a few financially difficult years, the situation for Zambia brightened in 2004. While the government decided that local elections which would have been held in November should be postponed for two years for economic reasons, but at the same time the International Monetary Fund (IMF) approved the government’s economic policy and promised a loan of 320 million dollars to fight poverty. When the IMF broke ground, pledges from a number of donors in the West, including Sweden, followed for loans and assistance of nearly US $ 900 million. This money will mainly go to budget support, health care, education, development of private enterprise and environmental protection. However, the support is dependent on continued sound economic policy and restraint with government spending.

After several years of drought, Zambia recovered such a good harvest of maize that it could export to a number of neighboring countries, where there was still a great shortage of staple goods.

In August, Indian company Vendanta Resources bought 51% of the state copper mine Konkola for $ 48.2 million. Zambia was in an acute crisis in 2002, when the big company Anglo-American discontinued operations in Konkola.

Vice President Nevers Mumba was dismissed in October after accusing neighboring Congo (Kinshasa) of supporting Zambian opposition parties. He was also deprived of his seat in Parliament. Lupando Mwape, a former Deputy Minister, was appointed new Vice President.

Zambia People