Honduras 2004

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Yearbook 2004

Honduras. As in other Central American countries, crime was high on the agenda during the year. Congress President Porfirio Lobo even proposed the reintroduction of the death penalty, which H. abolished in 1957, to meet the growing organized crime, especially Colombian cocaine leagues, Chinese human traffickers and youth gangs. However, the opposition to the proposal was compact from both the opposition and the church as well as President Ricardo Maduro.

According to CountryAAH, the total population in Honduras is 9,904,618 people in 2020. A minor government crisis was averted when Finance Minister Arturo Alvarado resigned in early August, officially for personal reasons. However, analysts believe the reason was difficulties in convincing Congress about the budget discipline that Alvarado strongly advocated.

A marked political assassination took place on July 10, when Elpídio Martínez Chavarría, leader of the Pech Indians in the Eastern Honduras, was killed. The Pech tribe is Honduras’s fifth largest Indian group, and they are fighting for the preservation of traditional rights. Since 1994, eight of its leaders have been murdered.

Honduran authorities arrested David Castillo Mejía in March, charged with participating in the assassination of Berta Cáceres two years earlier. Mejía was a former intelligence officer and director of the firm to build the dam that Cáceres and her organization protested against. The British newspaper Guardian’s own investigation revealed that Cáceres had been listed on the military death lists several months before his death, and that these lists were also in the possession of the United States. There is a long tradition in the country for cooperation between its security forces and the United States, and in this case, the United States knew of the planned murder several months before it was committed. US Ambassador Heidi Fulton welcomed the arrest of Mejía.

16 votes from an oppressed people in Honduras. Part of the explanation that thousands are fleeing the regime the United States has created in the country.

Honduras People