Saint Kitts and Nevis 2004

Saint Kitts and Nevis People

Yearbook 2004

Saint Christopher and Nevis. The total population in Saint Kitts & Nevis is 53,210 people in 2020. The ruling Social Democratic Labor Party retained power in the parliamentary elections in October. Of the eleven elected seats in Parliament, Labor won 7. The opposition right-wing People’s Action Movement (PAM) was given a mandate. The remaining three seats are reserved for regional representatives of the partly self-governing island of Nevis. The election had been preceded by accusations from PAM about incorrect lengths. The PAM party leader, Lindsay Grant, was arrested by police during a demonstration in June when he wanted to hand over a list of the inaccuracies to the prime minister. Grant was later released on bail. Independent observers have also criticized the electoral laws in the country for the distribution of seats not reflecting the will of the electorate. After the victory, Prime Minister Denzil Douglas promised that both the electoral law and the constitution would be reviewed.

Saint Kitts and Nevis People

Saint Christopher and Nevis – Basseterre


Basseterre, capital of Saint Christopher and Nevis, Caribbean; 13,300 residents (2012). Basseterre’s business is mainly based on trade and service and service industries. In the city there are among other things. Botanical Garden. Basseterre was built in 1627.