Gabon 2004

Gabon People

Yearbook 2004

Gabon. Following a beginning border dispute with Equatorial Guinea in 2003, Gabon and the neighboring country agreed in January to resolve the dispute with the help of the UN mediation. According to CountryAAH, the total population in Gabon is 2,225,745 people in 2020. The disagreement concerns the rights of the islands of Mbagne, Cocotiers and Congas in the Coriscovian Gulf, just outside the common land border of the countries. The area around the islands is believed to contain significant oil reserves, but disputes have so far prevented commercial exploration. A Canadian former UN ambassador, Yves Fortier, was appointed mediator. According to abbreviationfinder, GA stands for Gabon in text.

Gabon People


Constitutional changes on the change of president

December 29

Parliament adopts a constitutional amendment that replaces the President by three people – the Speakers of both chambers of Parliament and the Minister of Defense – should he die or otherwise lose his capacity to perform the task of Head of State; The question of who replaces the head of state in such situations was raised when President Bongo suffered a severe stroke two years ago (see October 2018). At the same time, the constitution was amended so that it guarantees former heads of state immunity from prosecution, ie he cannot be held legally liable for decisions made during the term of office.


Churches and mosques are opening for the healthy

October 30

Churches and mosques are allowed to reopen after being closed since the outbreak of the corona pandemic in March 2020. However, authorities are demanding that visitors be tested negative for covid-19 before attending services. Religious leaders criticize the decision as sampling is too expensive for poor Gabonese and that it then becomes a class question whether a person can go to church or mosque.