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Yearbook 2004

Dominica. According to CountryAAH, the total population in Dominica is 71,997 people in 2020. Prime Minister Pierre Charles died in January of a heart attack at the age of 49. The new Prime Minister, Roosevelt Skerrit, was appointed as new Prime Minister. He promised to pursue Charles’s political programs, which largely consisted of cuts in the public sector as a result of the country’s poor economy.

In March, Dominica broke off diplomatic relations with Taiwan in favor of better contacts with Taiwan’s arch-rival China. In doing so, the Chinese government promised over $ 100 million in aid to Dominica over a five-year period. Until the break, Dominica was one of only 28 countries in the world that had diplomatic relations with Taiwan.¬†According to abbreviationfinder, DM stands for Dominica in text.

Dominica People

Dominica – Roseau


Roseau, capital of Dominica, Caribbean; 14,700 residents (2012). Roseau is Dominica’s largest city and port with some industry (including rum and soap manufacturing) and exports of mainly bananas and some tourism; however, tourists are few compared to the region’s other capitals.

Roseau was founded around 1750 by French colonizers. In 1989, Hurricane Hugo caused extensive damage to both the city and the island.