Eswatini 2004

Eswatini People

Yearbook 2004

Swaziland. After several years of drought, a quarter of the population needed food assistance. However, that did not prevent King Mswati from asking the government at the beginning of the year to build eleven palaces, one for each of his buildings. According to the Minister of Economic Planning, the project was included in the budget. At the end of the year, the king also bought a luxury car for half a million US dollars.

In February, the government announced national disaster conditions due to the drought and devastating HIV epidemic with nearly 40% of the population infected. Prime Minister Themba Dlamini appealed for international assistance in Swaziland’s humanitarian crisis.

According to CountryAAH, the total population in Eswatini is 1,160,175 people in 2020. The Speaker of Parliament declared in March that the King had forced him to leave his post. According to the President, the reason was that Parliament previously said no to the king’s request to buy at a taxpayer’s expense a private plan for the equivalent of over SEK 300 million.

Eswatini People