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Yearbook 2004

Panama. According to CountryAAH, the total population in Panama is 4,314,778 people in 2020. Martín Torrijos of Partido Revolucionario Democratica (PRD) won the May 2 presidential election with 48% of the vote over former President Guillermo Endara of Partido Solidaridad. The PRD also got its own majority in Congress. Torrijo’s program includes enforcing several amendments to the Constitution which include: gives ombudsmen constitutional status and creates a new system for future constitutional extensions. Salsa star Rubén Blades was appointed Minister of Tourism in the government.

Torrijos belongs to a powerful political clan in Panama. His father, General Omar Torrijos, seized power in a military coup in 1968 and was Panama’s dictator until 1981, and the PRD party is a creation of the dictatorship. In January, President Cousin Hugo Torrijos was charged with corruption charges related to financing the PRD’s election campaign.

Panama People

Cuna Indians and golden nose rings

The Cuna Indians live on their coral islands on the Caribbean side near the coast. They have built their tents partly on the water. Cunas come to the mainland in canoes to fetch water and cultivate the land. Each island has its own chief and the entire archipelago has one common leader. Within the framework of self-government, tsunas are allowed to decide their own affairs. After getting married, the man moves his wife home. The compact cunas stand out well from the streetscape of Panama City due to their small size and colorful clothes. Married women have a golden ring on their noses and cuns are believed to be quite wealthy. CUNAT selling traditional mola -käsitöitä and possessions they invest wisely in gold.