Guyana 2004

Guyana People

Yearbook 2004

Guyana. The total population in Guyana is 786,563 people in 2020. On June 24, George Bacchus, the main witness, was assassinated in an investigation into alleged government-assisted death squads. According to the opposition and human rights groups, the death squads are responsible for at least 40 murders and several kidnappings over the past two years, and the client is Minister of the Interior Ronald Gajraj, who thereby wanted to deal with the increased crime. Before he died, Bacchus stated that he had been a target already in January, when instead his brother was accidentally murdered by the same death squads. To investigate the allegations, President Bharrat Jagdeo established a special commission in June, which was, however, immediately criticized by the opposition for darkening the deal rather than clarifying it.

Guyana People

In the November 2011 parliamentary elections, the PPP became the largest party with 48.6% of the vote. It reached 32 seats out of Parliament’s 65. As the largest party, the PPP was also given the post of President to which Donald Ramotar was nominated. He was deployed in December.

In 2012, the government divided the sea area within the country’s 200km sea border into plots for oil exploration. Test drilling is planned for 2013-18.

In 2014, there was a conflict between President Ramotar and the National Assembly, after the President refused to follow the budget cuts that the Assembly had adopted. It prompted the National Assembly to adopt a vote of no confidence in the President, who in November 2014 suspended the Assembly, to dissolve it completely 3 months later. In May 2015, then regional and parliamentary elections, narrowly won by the opposition APNU, took 7 seats up to 33 out of Parliament’s 65. APNU President David A. Granger was then appointed President and the party’s Moses Nagamootoo as Prime Minister. After 23 years in power, the PPP had to assume the role of opposition.