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Yearbook 2004

Costa Rica. In early October, a series of corruption scandals shook Costa Rica, which is otherwise considered one of Latin America’s least corrupt countries. It was revealed, among other things. that almost a quarter of a US $ 40 million loan from Finland in 2001 to Costa Rica’s Social Security Fund has actually gone directly to employees. At the same time, former President Rafael Calderón was banned from leaving the country until clarity was reached regarding the half-million dollars paid to him through a bank account in Panama. In addition, the French telecommunications company Alcatel found that the state telecommunications and electricity company ICE had contracted with US $ 3.6 million to be able to contract US $ 260 million for both mobile and fixed telephony.

According to CountryAAH, the total population in Costa Rica is 5,094,129 people in 2020. The scandals have increased an already widespread politician disdain; opinion polls conducted concurrently with the revelations showed that 50-65% of voters lost interest in voting.

Costa Rica People

Costa Rica – San José

San José

San José, the capital of Costa Rica; 288,200 residents (2012). San José is located at the foot of the Central Cordillera in central Costa Rica. The city is the center of the country’s industry, with mainly the food industry but also the textile and plastic industry and the chemical industry.

San José, located on the Pan-American Highway and linked to the coastal city of Puntarenas on the Pacific coast and Limón on the Caribbean, is the country’s leading communications center. The city also has an international airport and two universities.

San José, founded under the name of Villa Nueva in 1736, became the capital of 1823.