Turkmenistan 2004

Turkmenistan People

Yearbook 2004

Turkmenistan. According to CountryAAH, the total population in Turkmenistan is 6,031,211 people in 2020. Turkmenistan’s lifetime president and one-ruler ruler Saparmurat Nijazov continued to control the lives of the population through more or less bizarre decrees. At the beginning of the year, he issued a ban for young men to wear long hair and beards, which had an immediate effect. It was previously forbidden to listen to car radio and smoke on the streets. Nijazov had also banned opera and ballet on the grounds that it was an unnecessary activity. In February, the president laid off about 15,000 healthcare workers to cut health care costs. Some of the work in the hospitals was expected to continue to be carried out by low-paid conscripts, who had previously replaced traffic policemen as well as workers at a textile factory.

In May, workers without explanation began to remove the public images of the president who filled the capital. However, there were no signs that Nijazov was losing its grip on power in the country. According to Russian TV, the president himself had ordered that the personal cult of him be shut down. During the summer, Nijazov announced that an ice palace would be built in the Turkmenistan desert, one of the hottest areas of the earth. The palace will hold a thousand people, according to the president, who previously has a number of traditional palaces.

In November, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan presidents signed a declaration of friendship with the intention of ending years of mistrust between the two neighboring countries. Relations have been particularly tense since Turkmenistan a few years ago accused Uzbekistanis of participating in an assassination attempt on President Nijazov. The two leaders came now, among other things. agreed on the distribution of water resources between the countries which has been highly contested.

In December, elections to the virtually powerless parliament were made. No opposition candidate was allowed to stand.

Turkmenistan People