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Yearbook 2004

Jamaica. Relations between Jamaica and Haiti were severely disrupted when Haitian President Jean-Bertrand Aristide was granted temporary asylum in Jamaica in March. The total population in Jamaica is 2,961,178 people in 2020. Haiti’s new government, in protest of Jamaica’s “insult,” called its ambassador from the Jamaican capital Kingston. Aristide was forced to flee February 29 in connection with a violent revolt in his country. He spent just over two months in Jamaica before going into exile in South Africa.

Reggae producer Clement “Sir Coxsone” Dodd died in May at the age of 72 in the suites after a heart attack. Sir Coxsone is best known for giving reggae legend Bob Marley his first record deal in the 1960s.┬áSee baglib.com for Jamaica sights, UNESCO, climate, and geography.

In September, severe hurricane Ivan swept across Jamaica, causing major damage to buildings, fields, roads and other infrastructure. At least eleven people were killed and thousands got their homes destroyed by the hurricane.

The Commission for the Investigation of the State of Emergency in 2010 and Human Rights Violations under this June 2016 report. In its 900-page report, the Commission identified a number of possible cases of executions and made a number of important recommendations for police reform. In an official response, the Jamaica Police Federation accepted a number of recommendations identified as administrative investigations by a number of police officers in the report, but at the same time refused to assume any responsibility for the human rights violations or executions that occurred during the state of emergency. As of the end of the year, the government had not indicated how and if it would implement any of the Commission’s recommendations. At the same time, the executions continued. In 2016, 116 people were killed by police. An increase from 101 the year before. At the same time, the victims’ survivors were systematically subjected to harassment and intimidation by the police when trying to have the murders investigated or get compensation.

The February 2016 parliamentary elections brought about a change of government. The ruling PNP lost 11 seats and gained 31, while the JLP won 11 and gained 32. The JLP’s swift majority in parliament secured Andrew Holness the post of prime minister. The turnout was record low with only 47.3%.

Jamaica People