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Yearbook 2004

Seychelles. According to CountryAAH, the total population in Seychelles is 98,358 people in 2020. 69-year-old France Albert René resigned as president in April but remained chairman of the SPPF (Seychelles Progressive People’s Front) government. The post was taken over by Vice President James Michel, who has previously taken care of some of the President’s duties. New Vice President became Environment Minister Joseph Belmont.

In December, Seychelles signed an agreement with Mauritius on enhanced economic cooperation, including in the tourism sector.

In May 2011, President Michel was re-elected with 55.4% of the vote. Wavel Ramkalawan got 41.4%. In July, Parliament was dissolved when new elections were held – 1 year earlier than planned. The Constitutional Court, a few days later, declared the resolution invalid for procedural reasons and ordered to reassemble, but then the resolution was a fact. The September/October elections were boycotted by the largest opposition party, the Seychelles National Party, in protest that the government had not submitted electoral legislation to regulate how much the parties had to spend on the election campaign. The Peoples Party government therefore took all 31 seats in parliament. The Popular Democratic Movement received a good enough 10.9% of the vote, but because of the design of the electoral system, it gave no seats. According to abbreviationfinder, SC stands for Seychelles in text.

The Seychelles had good political and economic relations with China and in November 2011 offered China that it could establish a naval base to supply its anti-pirate patrols in the Gulf of Aden. Two years earlier, the Seychelles had asked India to send warships to protect against the piracy in the Indian Ocean.

In August 2013, President Michel conducted a state visit to Vietnam at the invitation of the Vietnamese President. See for Seychelles and Safari in Tanzania a dream trip.

The Seychelles declared in January 2015 willing to help Sri Lanka’s new government investigate whether former President Rajapaksa had secret accounts in Seychelles. Rajapaksa stole large sums from government projects during his reign, which may include. was stored in Seychelles, which has 140,000 registered drawer companies and poor account control – in line with Switzerland and Cyprus.

Seychelles People