Charles Bridge is at its best at dawn, when the tourist crowds shine with their absence.


1. Tour the most famous sights

There are plenty of famous sights in Prague, many of whom are visiting the city for the first time. The city’s main attractions are easy to get around during a couple of days of travel, as many of them are located a short distance apart.

Towering over the city, Prague Castle is a great place for the first stop on the sightseeing tour. The historic castle is one of the largest castle areas in the world and has numerous attractions such as palaces, churches, museums and gardens. After the castle, the tour can be continued by crossing the Charles Bridge connecting Prague’s Old Town and Malá Strana, with beautiful views of the Vltava River on both sides.

In addition to Prague Castle and Charles Bridge, the city’s number one attractions include the Old Town Square and its astronomical clock, the Josefov Jewish Quarter, and the Žižkov TV Tower with a 93-meter observation deck.

Prague is a very popular destination, especially during the summer, which is also reflected in the congestion of the city’s most famous attractions. It is worth heading for the sightseeing tour right from the morning, when there are even fewer people on the move. The good thing about Prague’s attractions is that many of them, such as Charles Bridge and Old Town Square, can be experienced completely free of charge.

Prague’s most popular attractions include Charles Bridge and Prague Castle.

2. Enjoy delicacies in restaurants

Prague has a wide range of restaurants, so gourmets and lovers of good food are sure to enjoy the city. The city’s restaurants offer options for different budgets, and during your Prague holiday you can also eat in higher-quality restaurants at an affordable price. The price level of restaurants is mainly affordable in Finnish, but in the vicinity of areas favored by tourists, prices are often higher than elsewhere in the city.

When vacationing in Prague, you should try the classic dishes of Czech cuisine, which typically include, for example, pork, mute and sauerkraut. Typical dishes in Prague also include schnitzel and goulash from Hungary, among others.

If Czech food is not tasted every day of the trip, there are plenty of other food culture restaurants in Prague, so you can also enjoy Italian, Georgian or Vietnamese food in the city.

3. Spend the day shopping

There is also something for shoppers to do in Prague, as there is plenty to do in the city’s shopping streets and shopping malls. The city’s most famous shopping streets are Pařížská and Na Příkopě, both located in the area of ​​the city’s historic center. There are many expensive branded boutiques along Pařížská, while Na Příkopě has popular international chain stores.

If you prefer to shop in the malls, there are many large malls in Prague. Located close to the Na Příkopě shopping street, the Palladium Shopping Center offers a wide range of shops selling clothes, accessories, toys and electronics.

There is interesting things to do in Prague for both the gourmet and the shopper.

Charles Bridge and Prague Castle

4. Get to know the city’s beer culture and nightlife

There are plenty of bars in Prague where you can find a friend of beer, wine and cocktails. You can continue partying in the city until the early hours of the morning, as there are also many nightclubs in Prague.

The Czech Republic traditionally drinks a lot of beer and Prague’s bars also offer a wide range of local beer brands. Beer is cheap in the city, but it is not worth looking for the cheapest bars in tourist areas, but they are often a little further away.

For party goers, the most famous destination in Prague is Karlovy Lázně, the largest nightclub in Central Europe. The nightclub is just a few tens of meters from Charles Bridge. Karlovy Lázně has five floors, all with different styles of music.

5. Take advantage of public transportation

It is easy to get around Prague on foot, but longer journeys can be conveniently reached by tram or metro. It is advantageous to use public transport in Prague, as a 30-minute one-time ticket costs only about one euro and a three-day day ticket less than 15 euros.

Public transport in Prague also works well at night, as the city is served by trams and buses at night. However, the numbers and routes of the night lines are different from the day traffic, so you should check the route before jumping aboard.

It is worth jumping on a sightseeing tour aboard tram 22, as its route passes through several of the city’s most famous sights and interesting neighborhoods.

The city is also easily accessible from the airport by public transport, as local buses 100 and 119 connect the airport to the Prague metro network. The ticket is conveniently available from the vending machines at the stop. When buying a ticket, it is good to remember that there is a small charge for transporting your suitcase.


interesting things to do in Prague

You can see almost anything on the narrow streets of the old town.

Experience these in Prague

  1. Take either tram route 22 or 91 and see the sights of Prague along the route
  2. Take part in a river cruise on the Vltava
  3. Take the cable car to Petřín Hill and enjoy the view
  4. See either a black theater show or a puppet show
  5. Sit in the basement beer in the evening and enjoy a meal in a Czech tavern.

The best attractions in Prague

  1. The Royal Palace and St. Vitus Cathedral
  2. Charles Bridge
  3. Zlata Ulicka, Golden Alley
  4. Old Town Square and Astronomical Clock
  5. Tyn Marian Church
  6. Town hall
  7. Tancici dum, Dancing house
  8. Male namesti, Pieni aukio
  9. Opera House
  10. Old Jewish cemetery