Visa to Sweden

Visa to Sweden

All applicants, including children, regardless of age and possession of their own passport, must have a separate complete set of documents when applying for a visa.

Attention!!! In connection with the introduction of the procedure for taking biometric data, the submission of documents to the Swedish visa center is carried out ONLY with the personal presence of the applicant. Submission by appointment, processing time from 4 working days.

New requirements have been introduced for applicants whose interests are represented by a trustee ( power of attorney form ).

Required documents:

  • Questionnaire signed in two places – item 37 and the field at the end of the questionnaire
  • Completed Application – Family Information ( Swedish or English )
  • The applicant’s foreign passport, valid for at least 3 months after the intended return. The passport must be issued within the last 10 years (not earlier).
  • Photocopy of the first page of the foreign passport.
  • Return ticket booking confirmation
  • Documentary evidence of sufficient funds (for example, a certificate of employment indicating wages, a bank statement, copies of traveler’s checks) to stay in the country (at least 40 euros or 370 SEK per day)
  • Sponsorship letter – provided in case of lack of personal funds – personally signed by the sponsor. The letter must be accompanied by a copy of the sponsor’s passport, as well as a certificate from his place of work or from a bank account.
  • Citizens of foreign countries must provide documentary evidence of legal stay in the Russian Federation
  • Medical insurance valid in all Schengen countries with a coverage amount of at least 30,000 euros or 35,000 US dollars. Attention! Handwritten insurance will not be accepted.
  • Two [2] color photographs (taken no more than 6 months ago), 35×45 mm in size on a white background for all applicants, including minors.
  • Power of attorney (for applicants who are unable to apply in person) – power of attorney form

For children under 18 (optional):
– the original and a copy of the child’s birth certificate
– a copy of the page (with personal data) of the foreign passport or a copy of the pages (with personal data of the passport holder and the child), if the child is entered in the passport of the parent or official guardian
– original and copy of the notarized consent of the parent (remaining at home) for the child to travel abroad
– a copy of the page (with personal data of the owner) of the internal passport of the parents / second parent or official guardian

The Embassy may request additional documents or invite the applicant for a personal interview.

Visa to Sweden