Anacortes, Washington Weather by Month

By | April 7, 2024

Located in the scenic beauty of the Pacific Northwest, Anacortes is a charming coastal city located on Fidalgo Island in Skagit County, Washington. Surrounded by the Salish Sea and overlooking the majestic San Juan Islands, Anacortes boasts a stunning natural landscape that attracts visitors from near and far. With a population of approximately 17,000 residents, Anacortes retains a small-town charm while offering a vibrant arts and culture scene, outdoor recreational opportunities, and a thriving maritime industry. Known as the “Gateway to the San Juan Islands,” Anacortes serves as a popular destination for tourists and outdoor enthusiasts seeking adventure, relaxation, and exploration amidst its beautiful surroundings.

Geography and Location

Anacortes is located in the northwest corner of Washington state, on the northern shore of Fidalgo Island. Situated between the Olympic Peninsula to the west and the Cascade Range to the east, Anacortes enjoys a temperate maritime climate influenced by its proximity to the Pacific Ocean and the Salish Sea. The city’s strategic location provides stunning views of the surrounding waterways, forests, and mountains, making it a paradise for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts.

Affiliation and Population

Anacortes is a part of Skagit County and is governed by the laws and regulations of the county and the state of Washington. The city has a population of approximately 17,000 residents, who are known for their strong sense of community pride and environmental stewardship. Anacortes is home to a diverse population, with residents hailing from various cultural backgrounds and professions. The city’s economy is driven by tourism, maritime industries, and a growing arts and culture sector, contributing to its vibrant and dynamic atmosphere.

Major Landmarks

Anacortes is renowned for its scenic beauty and abundant recreational opportunities, with several major landmarks and attractions that showcase its unique charm and character. The Washington State Ferry Terminal serves as a gateway to the San Juan Islands and British Columbia, offering breathtaking views of the surrounding islands and waterways. The Cap Sante Park offers panoramic vistas of the city, the surrounding islands, and the Olympic Mountains, making it a popular spot for hiking, picnicking, and wildlife viewing. Other notable landmarks in Anacortes include the historic downtown district, the Anacortes Maritime Heritage Center, and the Anacortes Arts Festival, one of the largest arts festivals in the Pacific Northwest.

Climate and Weather Overview

Anacortes experiences a mild maritime climate, characterized by cool, wet winters and warm, dry summers. The city’s location on Fidalgo Island moderates its temperatures year-round, with relatively stable weather patterns influenced by the surrounding waterways. While Anacortes enjoys moderate temperatures and abundant rainfall throughout the year, its proximity to the Pacific Ocean and the Salish Sea can result in occasional storms and windy conditions, particularly during the winter months.

Average Climate Data

The table below provides average temperature, precipitation, and sunny days for each month in Anacortes:

Month Average Temperature (Fahrenheit) Precipitation (inches) Sunny Days
January 44.5 4.84 10
February 46.1 3.76 11
March 49.8 3.53 12
April 53.9 2.56 14
May 58.8 1.84 16
June 63.7 1.51 17
July 67.7 0.85 19
August 68.5 1.02 19
September 65.7 1.52 16
October 57.6 3.25 13
November 50.3 5.40 9
December 45.1 6.15 8

Weather by Month


January in Anacortes is characterized by cool temperatures and frequent rainfall. Average highs hover around 44.5°F, while average lows dip to around 36°F. The city experiences overcast skies and rainy conditions for much of the month, with occasional breaks of sunshine. Residents and visitors may engage in indoor activities such as visiting museums, art galleries, and local cafes, or bundle up and explore outdoor attractions such as Deception Pass State Park and Mount Erie Park.


February brings similar weather patterns to Anacortes, with cool temperatures and moderate rainfall. Average highs increase slightly to 46.1°F, while average lows remain around 36°F. Rain showers are common throughout the month, interspersed with periods of cloudy skies and occasional sunshine. Despite the weather, residents and visitors can still enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking, birdwatching, and whale watching tours, or explore the city’s historic downtown district and waterfront parks.


March marks the transition to spring in Anacortes, with milder temperatures and decreasing rainfall. Average highs rise to 49.8°F, while average lows range from 37°F to 39°F. The city experiences fewer rainy days and longer daylight hours, allowing residents and visitors to venture outdoors and enjoy the budding signs of spring. Popular activities in March include hiking in the nearby forests, exploring local beaches, and attending seasonal events such as the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival.


April brings warmer temperatures and blooming landscapes to Anacortes, with average highs reaching 53.9°F. Average lows increase to around 41°F, as the city experiences fewer rainy days and more sunshine. Spring flowers begin to bloom, and wildlife becomes more active, making it an ideal time for outdoor exploration and nature photography. Residents and visitors may engage in activities such as hiking, biking, and kayaking, or take scenic drives along the coastline and through the surrounding countryside.


May heralds the arrival of spring in full bloom in Anacortes, with warmer temperatures and longer days. Average highs climb to 58.8°F, while average lows range from 45°F to 47°F. The city experiences mild, pleasant weather, with abundant sunshine and occasional light showers. Residents and visitors can enjoy a wide range of outdoor activities, including boating, fishing, beachcombing, and wildlife cruises to spot seals, sea lions, and bald eagles.


June brings the peak of springtime beauty to Anacortes, with balmy temperatures and clear skies. Average highs rise to 63.7°F, while average lows increase to around 50°F. The city experiences extended daylight hours, allowing for ample opportunities for outdoor recreation and exploration. June is an ideal time for hiking in the nearby forests, picnicking in waterfront parks, and exploring the San Juan Islands by ferry or kayak.


July is the height of summer in Anacortes, with warm temperatures and abundant sunshine. Average highs peak at 67.7°F, while average lows remain mild around 53°F. The city experiences clear skies and minimal rainfall, making it perfect for outdoor activities such as boating, swimming, and beachcombing. July also marks the start of the busy tourist season, with visitors flocking to Anacortes to explore its natural beauty and scenic attractions.


August continues the summer warmth in Anacortes, with hot temperatures and clear skies. Average highs average around 68.5°F, while average lows range from 54°F to 56°F. The city experiences minimal rainfall and abundant sunshine, providing ideal conditions for outdoor adventures and recreational activities. Residents and visitors can enjoy boating, kayaking, paddleboarding, and whale watching tours, or simply relax and soak up the sun on the beaches and waterfront promenades.


September brings the first hints of autumn to Anacortes, with mild temperatures and changing foliage. Average highs drop to 65.7°F, while average lows range from 50°F to 52°F. The city experiences cooler evenings and occasional light showers, signaling the transition to fall. Despite the changing weather, September remains a popular time for outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, and exploring local parks and nature reserves.


October is characterized by cooler temperatures and vibrant fall foliage in Anacortes. Average highs dip to 57.6°F, while average lows decrease to around 45°F. The city experiences crisp, clear days and chilly evenings, as the landscape transforms into a kaleidoscope of red, orange, and gold. Residents and visitors can enjoy scenic drives to admire the fall colors, hiking in the nearby forests, and attending seasonal events such as pumpkin patches and harvest festivals.


November brings the onset of winter chill to Anacortes, with cool temperatures and increasing rainfall. Average highs average around 50.3°F, while average lows range from 40°F to 42°F. The city experiences overcast skies and frequent rain showers, as winter storms begin to sweep across the region. Despite the inclement weather, residents and visitors can still enjoy outdoor activities such as birdwatching, wildlife photography, and visiting local parks and gardens.


December marks the peak of winter in Anacortes, with cold temperatures and occasional snowfall. Average highs drop to 45.1°F, while average lows plummet to around 36°F. The city experiences overcast skies and rainy conditions, with occasional snow showers dusting the surrounding hillsides and mountains. Residents and visitors can embrace the holiday spirit by attending festive events, exploring local holiday markets, and enjoying outdoor activities such as ice skating and sledding.

Natural Disasters

While Anacortes is relatively sheltered from major natural disasters, the region is susceptible to occasional severe weather events such as winter storms, windstorms, and landslides. Additionally, the city’s coastal location puts it at risk of tsunamis and storm surges generated by offshore earthquakes and Pacific Ocean storms. Residents are encouraged to stay informed about emergency preparedness measures and evacuation routes, as well as to have emergency supplies and evacuation plans in place to ensure their safety and well-being.

Recommended Activities

Throughout the year, Anacortes offers residents and visitors a wealth of indoor and outdoor activities to enjoy amidst its stunning natural scenery and diverse cultural attractions. From hiking and kayaking in the summer to whale watching and birdwatching in the spring, there is something for everyone to experience and enjoy in this beautiful coastal city. Whether you’re seeking outdoor adventure, cultural enrichment, or simply a relaxing retreat, Anacortes promises an unforgettable experience in the heart of the Pacific Northwest.

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