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Yearbook 2004

Flag - KenyaKenya. A long-standing disagreement over a new constitution deepened in March, when the government resigned from the national conference where the constitution was debated. According to CountryAAH, the total population in Kenya is 53,771,307 people in 2020. The resignation took place in protest of a draft constitution under which the president's power should be cut and partially transferred to a new post as prime minister. In June, President Mwai Kibaki conducted a government reform, in which some of those who criticized his opposition to the new constitution were given less attractive posts. In return, Kibaki took several representatives of the former KANU government party into the government.

2004 Kenya

After praising the new government's fight against corruption for more than a year, the major donors in July expressed strong concern that the corruption was once again rooted in the country's top management. The EU decided to withhold promised aid. The US and Japan threatened to do the same.

The British ambassador caused great disarray when he claimed that during his 19 months, the Kibaki government squandered more government resources than Daniel arap Moi's regime did in 24 years. Since Kibaki appointed a new commission to fight corruption, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) agreed in September to release $ 35 million of a previously promised loan of just over $ 250 million that should have been paid off in May.

In August, a hundred-year contract expired as the British colonial power signed with the mass group of massagers to lease almost 1 million hectares of land. When the government rejected the massagers' demand to get their land back, riots erupted in several places and seventy people were arrested. A shepherd who drove his animals into private land, which once belonged to his family, was shot dead by police.

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