Travel to Marbella

Travel to Marbella

About 60 km west of the hub and the cultural city of Malaga, lies the golden grain of southern Spain and the city of jet-setters Marbella. It is both the sunniest city but also the most expensive. Here you can book luxury hotels or take a tour of any of the resort’s golf courses. And when the evening comes, it is party and nightlife that counts as well as taste experiences through the good food. In Marbella, many rich and famous people have left their mark and the now deceased Saudi King Fahd has even built his own mosque there. You can expect to meet Swedes wherever you end up. Buying a house in Spain has become extremely attractive, which has led to a lot of Swedish brokers down here.

Experience the luxury of Marbella

Whether you are lying on the beach or having an ice cream at the city’s many outdoor cafes, you will notice the good life. Wherever you look, you see billionaire yachts and rich couples with Gucci bags and designer clothes. Just seeing these is an experience in itself that does not go down well with hackers, so if you like watching people, you have definitely come to the right place. The shopping here is not bad either. Along the main street Avenida Ricardo Soriano are the shops in a row and if you want more flair you can step into Il Corte Ingles – the famous Spanish department store that offers world-class clothes and accessories.

Improve your tan

Even if you may not be a person lying on the beach from morning to evening, it is impossible to avoid the hot and fine sandy beaches with turquoise water. Marbella and the Sun Coast in general, has lots of nice beaches, large and small, where you can go by car or bus. Marbella has several beaches right next to the center and if you then want to go east or west to look at other “plays”, there is no art at all. It is common to rent a car down on the Costa del Sol to see the whole area and in this way you can visit both beaches and other surrounding resorts. You are guaranteed to come home tanned and fresh, just in time to get back to your normal life.

Get here and get around

Going to Marbella is not an art. You take the flight to Malaga and then take a bus or train to Marbella which runs every 30 minutes. You can also rent a car directly at the airport or inside the city. The airport in Malaga is in constant motion and from Sweden you can travel directly from several cities. Even low-cost flights have found their way here.

When you want to get around, you can either choose between train and bus between the coastal cities, but the best option is to rent a car. There are some black taxi companies in Marbella so be sure to take a serious company. TaxiSol and Marbella Taxi are two companies you can safely travel with.

There are many cute resorts around Marbella such as Fuengirola, Gibraltar and Malaga. So you should set aside plenty of time to look around and not just stay in Marbella, although it is easy to get stuck here with all that the city has to offer.

Travel to Marbella