Thus Become The Maxi Skirts in Turn The Most Cool Your Summer Wardrobe

There are clothes that almost no use until you see a picture of a famous or a blogger taking them and think, well, yes I want wear it again because this garment is cool a lot. That happens with the Maxi skirts. I have one made for years that is precious, but so short and so miniskirt, in summer hardly use. And now I’m thinking that I’m going to recover for tomorrow. The famous they have thus become the long skirt in cool summer turn it.

Kate Hudson has decided that if you do not teach at the bottom, at least do it up. Maxi skirt with crop top is a great combination this summer.

Selena Gómez prefers to give a hippie touch to her long skirt printed with a hanging length of feathers and a t-shirt with a knot at the waist.

While in the front row of John Galliano two guests decided that a long skirt could be perfect for a good look wearing simple t-shirt over. The Russian Dj Nina Kraviz.

Y Natasha Andrews a lencero black top and blue skirt. We copy them the look?