The Miniskirt Given a Prize: Lady of The Order of The British Empire

The designer Mary Quant, “creator” of the miniskirt, has just received a significant award: Lady of the order of the British Empire in the list of honors in the new year (2015), distinction granted by Queen Isabel II. The miniskirt revolutionized the world of fashion in the 1960s and currently remains one of the most appreciated by women.

Birth of an icon

Actually the miniskirt was not “created” by Mary Quant, in antiquity already the men wore it, but the designer who popularized it. For some people the miniskirt was created by Courreges in the 1962 and others by Quant in 1964. Controversies aside, Mary Quant opened its store in London, where selling mod clothing and various designers Bazaar, in the mid 1950 but soon began to sell your own designs. In 1964, he designed the first miniskirts. There are different stories about “the creation of the miniskirt”, since were clients who propusieren him to shorten the skirts, passing by that the inspiration came to see a ballet dancer with a short in their classes of ballet skirt… Skirts were shortened 15 cm, It was all a scandal and a big impact on the young society.

The miniskirt was the garment which He accompanied perfectly the times were living: the movement of the sexual liberation of women, the emergence of bands such as The Beatles, the contraceptive pill, the Swinging London, new urban tribes such as the mod…

Mary Quant named the miniskirt with the name of your favorite car: Mini Cooper. The designer is not only known for “creating” the miniskirt, but also put fashionable colors, the maxifaldas, the short shorts stockings… In the 60’s also triumphed with makeup, completely revolutionary for the time. Even created her own line with its renowned cosmetics logo: a margarita.


Currently, Mary Quant’s 80 years, She lives secluded from the world of fashion. . In 2000, he sold his company to a Japanese firm, which sells makeup, clothes and other accessories under the name of the designer. 2015 marks 60 years of the birth of the brand Mary Quant, so the award just you grant is a tribute more than deserved.

Coco Chanel said that the miniskirt was “simply horrendous”, for once it was not right.