The Goya Are to Salvo: Rob Suarez Jewelry Worth 30,000 Euros during The Event

It seems that the steal jewelry to celebrities is becoming fashionable. First it was Kim Kardashian and now the 31 Goya awards gala. And it is that, while the event was taking place, thieves took Suarez signature jewelry valued at 30,000 euros. This treasure was kept in one of the rooms of the Hotel Auditorium in Madrid, where took place the Act, along with other garments and accessories used during the party.

According to sources in the country, “the stolen jewels were a ring, four sets of twins and a set of earrings and one or two watches.” In total, parts valued at about 30,000 euros which Spanish jewelry relented on loan of so the guests looked them on the red carpet. It is not known if they came to be used, or if there were any security or surveillance inside the hotel system.

The lack of parts was seen Monday, when leaders set out to make all returns to designers and firms and warned his disappearance. The complaint has already been filed, and police are investigating the case. Normally, this type of loan so valuable is covered with specialty insurance, although we do not know if this is the case. Suarez did not want to make statements, but they claim that “everything is controlled”.

This has not been the only case of theft reported during the gala of the Goya 2017. Spanish Television operators also warned the disappearance of different material of filming. In particular: two goals, memory cards, camera batteries, flashes and even sunglasses. Certainly does not seem that the ceremony had too much safety.