The Cruz Sisters No Are The Golden Eggs Hens

We thought that the Cruz sisters turned into gold everything that played but showed us that it is not so. Yesterday was the news that after 6 months as image of a signature Swiss this It has lost more than 50 million euros. And the economy is not to lose such such sum of money. The trade mark in question is Charles Vogele Switzerland and by the time he has already laid off manager who hired them and Chief Executive Officer of the firm, Andre Maeder.

Seems to be that Penelope y Monica They are not what they were or that in Switzerland do not have success pursuing them in the whole world. Be that as it may No one has bought the collection which both designed and have experience in this field. As already premiered a few years ago with the signature Spanish Mango and then more sales are sure that they generated.

The lookbook images do not have nothing special, Moreover, I would say that our beloved Pe not get to anything favored. And the clothes … in short, better not talk about it.

The question that launched today is: I understand wanting to Penelope as image but what do see Monica if outside of Spain He has done absolutely nothing?

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