The 10 highest mountains in South America

The Cerro Aconcagua in Argentina
  1. The Huascaran Norte in Peru

At 6,652 meters, the northern peak of the Huascaran massif in the Cordillera Blanca in Peru is only the tenth highest peak in South America, but one of the deadliest. An earthquake and landslide in 1970 killed over 70,000 people.

  1. The Cazadero in Argentina

The Cordillera Real in Argentina is home to the ninth highest peak, the 6,658-meter-high Cazadero. In the meantime, this is also called Walther Penck in honor of a German geologist who explored the area in 1912 and 1913.

  1. The Llullaillaco on the border of Argentina and Chile

With a height of 6,739 meters, the Llullaillaco is in the Puna de Atacama mountain range on the Argentine-Chilean border. It is the third highest volcano and second highest active volcano on the planet. Indian buildings, the world’s tallest archaeological finds, were excavated at its summit.

  1. Tres Cruces Sur, Argentina / Chile

The 6,749-meter-high Cerro Tres Cruces Sur is the highest peak of a triple summit in the Puna de Atacama mountain range on the border of the Argentine province of Catamarca and the Chilean province of Atacama. It marks the western end of a volcanic chain.

  1. The Cerro Bonete Chico 675 in Argentina

Located in Argentina near the Chilean border, the Cerro Bonete Chico is the fourth highest mountain in South America at 6,759 meters, some sources even claim that it is the second highest. However, due to modern telemetry data, this claim is no longer tenable.

  1. Huascaran Sur Cordillera Blanca Peru

With a height of 6,768, the southern summit of the striking double summit Nevada Huascaran exceeds its northern neighboring summit by more than 100 meters. His first ascent was in 1932 on a German-Austrian expedition led by climber Philipp Borchers.

  1. The Mercedario in Argentina

The Mercedario is 6,770 meters high and is located in the Cordillera de la Ramada, a part of the Andes in Argentina near the border with Chile. Since copper mining is carried out here in several places, access to the Mercedario is limited by guards from the gendarmerie.

  1. The Monte Pissis in Argentina

At 6,795 meters, the Monto Pissis in the Puna de Atacama in Argentina is the third highest peak in South America and the second highest volcano. Its ascent is not technically particularly demanding, but it is extremely remote and is therefore not climbed often.

  1. Nevada Ojos del Salado, Argentina / Chile

Mount Ojos del Salado is the highest volcano on earth and the second highest mountain in South America. It is 6,893 meters high and is located in the Atacama Desert in Argentina, partly in Chilean territory. Due to the arid climate of the desert, there is hardly any snow on the summit. The volcano is considered to be dormant, but gas activity is always recorded.

  1. The Cerro Aconcagua in Argentina

At a height of 6,962 meters, the summit in the Argentine Andes is the highest mountain on the South American continent, the highest mountain in the southern hemisphere, the highest mountain in North and South America and the highest mountain in the world outside of Asia. It is located in the Argentine province of Mendoza, otherwise known for its viticulture. The first ascent was made in 1897 by a Swiss expedition.

The Cerro Aconcagua in Argentina