Taylor Swift and Zayn Malik Put The Music of ‘Fifty Most Dark Shadows’

Everything concerning the film ‘Fifty shadows more dark’ is news, and little by little different news are van revealing us. Today we have known the video of the song “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever”, one of the main themes of the Original Soundtrack of the film, played by Taylor Swift y Zayn Malik.

The song, which was written especially for the second installment of the series by Taylor Swift, Jack Antonoff, which is also a producer, and Sam Dew, It is part of the soundtrack of the second installment of fifty shades of Grey, which will be the next available February 10, coinciding with the premiere of the film in cinemas.

On this occasion, Danny Elfman, nominated four times Oscar, is in charge again of the original soundtrack, and Dana Sano is the music supervisor.

The soundtrack of the first installment included songs by great artists as The Weeknd or Ellie Goulding and it sold more than five million copies worldwide. New artists are now SIA, Halsey, Tove, French, John Legend, Nick Jonas o Nicki Minaj.

Then we leave the names and performers of the 16 songs that form the soundtrack:

  • I Don’t Wanna Live Forever (Fifty Shades Darker) – Zayn | Taylor Swift
  • Not Afraid Anymore – Halsey
  • Pray – JRY (feat. Rooty)
  • Lies in the Dark – Lo Tove
  • Not Running From Me – Toulouse
  • One Woman Man – John Legend
  • Code Blue – The-Dream
  • BOM Bidi Bom – Nick Jonas & Nicki Minaj
  • Helium – Sia
  • Cruise – Kygo (feat. Andrew Jackson)
  • The Scientist – Corinne Baily Rae
  • They Can’t Take That Away From Me – Jose James
  • Birthday – JP Cooper
  • I Need a Good One – The Avener (feat. Mark Asari)
  • Empty Pack Of Cigarettes – Joseph Angel
  • What Would It Take – Anderson East
  • What Is Love? -French
  • On His Knees – Danny Elfman
  • Making It Real – Danny Elfman