Sights of Madagascar

Sights of Madagascar


In this city (700 km from the capital), the market, the mosque, the beaches in Betania, Buzi and Ankevu, the relict forests of Andranumen, Manambi and the “Swiss forest” in Kirindi deserve attention. Not far from Morondava is a limestone massif listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, as well as baobab forests. Here, a whole series of coral reefs and magnificent lagoons with an amazing underwater world stretched along the coast. South of Maintiranu, a chain of secluded islands of Nosy Andruta, Nosy Lava, Nosy Maru and others are scattered in the sea, surrounded by beautiful coral reefs.

The north is a huge volcanic massif Tzaratanana with the highest peaks of Madagascar. This is a real “land of contrasts” – nature and vegetation here differ sharply even at nearby points.


According to INTERSHIPPINGRATES, Diego Suarez is located in the far north of the country, on the shores of the second largest bay in the world. A major port and one of the industrial centers of the country, the city is rather uninteresting, only a suite of colonnades on Colbert Street, a number of colonial-style houses, Admiral Ronarche Square with a monument to Marshal Joffre and many bars and nightclubs attract attention. The main attractions are located outside the city limits – the Ramena Beach Water Sports Center, beautiful sandy beaches along the entire coast, “French Mountain” with a monument to those who died in the battles for the liberation of the city in 1942, Ambre National Park (Montagne d’Ambre) and the most the northern point of the island is Cape Ambre, the suburban area of ​​Ambuhitra (Geoffrville), the rock of Windsor Castle crowned with a fortified castle, the sacred lake Anivuranu, huge plantations of chocolate and coffee trees around Ankifi, etc.

Nosy Be Island

“Business card” resort Madagascar – lying 150 km. southwest of Antsiranana is the island of Nosy Be (“big island”), one of the recognized centers of international tourism. A cosmopolitan island of golden beaches, coconut palms, luxury hotels and nightclubs, Nosy Be is forever crowded with vacationers and is nothing like the rest of Madagascar.

In the capital of the island – Anduani (Elville), noteworthy is the Center for Oceanographic Research, a monument to Russian soldiers, a colorful market, Muslim and Christian cemeteries. No less interesting are the Ocean Dream Diving Center and the waterfall in Ambatuluaka, the town of Dzamanzari, which has been producing first-class rum since 1900, the Lukube reserve, the sacred volcanic lakes of Andzavibe, Amparihimirahawawi, Bemapaza, Antsahamanavaka, Antsidihi, Amparihibe and Maintimasu at the foot of the mountain Passo, Silver Falls, Nosy Kumba Island Reserve and Nosy Tanikeli National Underwater Park.

Countless waterfalls and rapids are truly gems of the Madagascar landscape. In the area of ​​the rapids on the Becibuka River near the city of Maevatanana, the waters, red from the silt particles suspended in them, fall from the heights of the rocky rapids with such speed that the water dust rises above the tallest trees growing on the shore. The waterfalls on the Mahavawi River near the city of Ambilube, as well as the large cascade in the area of ​​the Montagne d’Ambre National Park and the waterfalls on the Mandrianampuzi River, are well-deservedly famous. The largest waterfall in the country is located on the Sakaleuna River (about 200 m high) near the city of Nusiwarika.

10 reasons to visit Madagascar

  1. Madagascar is white sand beaches, picturesque coral reefs and crystal clear ocean.
  2. Madagascar is home to the world’s largest variety of lemurs (70 known species) which are easy to spot, and in some parks lemurs have become literally tame and climb on the shoulders of tourists.
  3. Madagascar offers first-class diving in colorful coral reefs, as well as excellent deep-sea fishing.
  4. In Madagascar, there are more than 150 thousand of the world’s rarest forms of plant and animal life – red frogs, giant wild orchids.
  5. Madagascar is a unique island of fabulous contrasts, ranging from the “red earth” to the impenetrable jungle of tropical forests.
  6. There will be no problems with a visa – it can be issued at the border or at the consulate.
  7. Madagascar is an abundance of fruits all year round.
  8. Madagascar is the 4th largest island in the world.
  9. Madagascar are giant colorful butterflies that you will never see anywhere else.
  10. Madagascar is a place for those who are looking not for luxury hotels, but for new experiences and 100% exotic.

Sights of Madagascar