Sights of Emilia-Romagna, Italy

Emilia-Romagna, Italy

The Italian region of Emilia-Romagna is an ideal destination for people who love good food. The towns and villages of this northeastern region are known for the most famous Italian products and dishes. For example, the well-known Parma ham and Parmesan cheese come from the place Parma. The city of Bologna is famous for the tagliatelle Bolognesa and mortadella Bologna. And we know the city of Modena from the balsamic vinegar Aceto Balsamico di Modena. In addition to good food, you can also enjoy sun, sea and sand in the Emilia-Romagna region. The coastline on the Adriatic Sea provides beautiful beaches and cozy seaside resorts. There is plenty of entertainment for young and old and culture lovers will also get their money’s worth. Archaeological excavations have yielded a lot, especially in the city of Rimini, Marzabotto. Sights in cities such as Ferrara, Ravenna and Cesena have also been designated UNESCO World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. Plenty to do, see and experience in the atmospheric Emilia-Romagna region.

Top 10 things to do in Emilia-Romagna

#1. Bologna
According to THEMOTORCYCLERS, the northern Italian city of Bologna in the province of the same name is a wonderful city to visit. The rich history in which popes and other rulers left their mark is still clearly visible in several places. Think of the fourteenth century Basilica of St. Petronius, the Garisenda and Asinelli towers, the atmospheric Piazza Maggiore or the excellent religious art collection in the Pinacoteca Nazionale di Bologna. The student life in Bologna is clearly noticeable in the vibrancy that you can experience there both during the day and in the evening. Good food and drink, shopping, culture and architecture come together particularly well in cozy Bologna.

#2. Etruscan excavations of Marzabotto
The Etruscan population lived around the sixth century BC. around the banks of the Tiber and Arno rivers. This was clearly confirmed in Marzabotto when various excavations uncovered, among other things, a necropolis (cemetery) and a number of temples from that time. The Etruscan excavations of Marzabotto are located in the park ‘Parco regional storico di Monte Sole’. A beautiful historic park where the Monte Sole massacre took place during the Second World War.

#3. Mosaics of Ravenna
The beautiful basilica of San Vitale in the northern Italian city of Ravenna is often visited for its ancient colorful mosaic works of art. The basilica and the interior have been on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1996. And that is not for nothing. The mosaic creations, including themes from the Old Testament and various religious figures, date from the sixth century. Next to the church is another fascinating sight, namely the Mausoleo di Galla Placidia.

#4. Rimini
The city of Rimini is located directly on the Adriatic coast of northern Italy. Centuries ago, the historic center was better known as Colonia Ariminum. Memories from previous centuries are well preserved. The city of Rimini was already a busy city during Roman times, which was on the trade route to and from Rome. In Rimini you can admire the oldest Roman city gate ‘Arco d’Augusto’. But also sights such as the archaeological site Foro Ramano, the anfiteatro of Rimini and the castle ‘Castel Sismondo’ are worth a visit.

#5. Parma
When you say Parma, you probably think of the Parmesan cheese ‘Parmigiano-reggiano’ or the well-known Parma ham ‘Prosciutto di Parma’. And that is quite right. Indeed, these Italian delicacies come from the gastronomic city of Parma. As an industrial city, Parma has built up quite a bit of name recognition. But that is hardly possible with two of these popular export products. The historic center is also special. Impressive palaces, such as the Palazzo Ducale and Palazzo del Governatore, immediately give the city the allure that can be felt everywhere. The city’s museums, theaters and other cultural attractions are also well worth a visit.

#6. Imola
The city of Imola is located between the towns of Bologna and San Marino in eastern northern Italy. In the past, the city was most visited for the Formula I races that were held there. Until 2006, the San Marino Grand Prix was held in Imola. Motorsport enthusiasts can still relive the old days in the Autodromo ‘Enzo e Dino Ferrari’. But the historical sights in the center of Imola also deserve attention. Nice walking and cycling tours show you the way along places of interest such as the city library ‘la Biblioteca Comunale’ in a fourteenth century monastery, ‘Teatro Ebe Stignani’ a theater from the nineteenth century and several old palaces.

#7. Ferrara
Just north of the city of Bologna, is the smaller university town of Ferrara. The center of Ferrare has, among other things, a castle ‘Castello Estense’, several synagogues and the cathedral ‘Cattedrale di Ferrara’ as showpieces. In addition to these historical sights, Ferrara is also known for the many libraries that are present in which very valuable documents are stored. This cultural heritage is therefore preserved with the utmost care. Another valuable tourist attraction of Ferrara is the world famous street festival ‘Ferrara Buskers Festival’. During this multi-day festival, all kinds of street artists from different parts of the world come to Ferrara to make it the party of the year.

#8. Trip to San Marino
East of the Apennines is the well-known Italian city of San Marino. Officially, San Marino is the capital of the microstate of San Marino. The constitution, which is still in force, was enacted in the year 1600. Today San Marino is mainly a city where you can enjoy old architecture. For example, in the center are a number of palaces such as the ‘Public Palace’, cozy squares and an old fourteenth century monastery. Basilica di San Marino occupies a prominent place in this regard. The national symbol of the city are the three towers ‘La Guaita, La Cesta and Il Montale’ that stand on top of the Monte Titano mountain. A trip to atmospheric San Marino is definitely worth a recommendation.

#9. Beaches
The most beautiful beaches of the Emilia-Romagna region are located on the Adriatic Sea. Places such as Rimini, Milano Marittima, Cattólica, Lido degli Estensi, Lido degli Scacchi and Bellaria have the most beautiful and often busiest beaches. Usually there are several terraces and other catering establishments on the beaches where you can enjoy all kinds of Italian delicacies. Fun parties or other activities are also regularly organized during the summer months. The vibrant nightlife of these places also largely takes place on or in the vicinity of the beaches.

#10. Porto Canale Leonardesco
In the seaside resort of Cesenatico you should definitely visit the romantic harbor Porto Canale Leonardesco. In the sixteenth century harbor there are brightly colored boats, including some from the partly floating Marine Museum. Several terraces can be found on the quay. The design of the harbor was made by none other than Leonardo da Vinci. Sights on the canal ‘Fosso Venarella’ are the church of San Giacomo Apostolo, the fish market, Piazza Pisacane and Porte vinciane. There are also nice walking and shopping areas on the Fosso Venarella.

Emilia-Romagna, Italy