Seem Small, But They Are Great Empires: Spanish Brands Who Bill Many Many Millions and Perhaps Not The Know

It always seems that the best ideas come from outside, like Instagram or Amazon. However, There are many lit bulbs in the Spanish ideology. Projects that came out of nowhere and eventually took a clean sweep across the market. These are only nine of them, which have reached the top and it can be that you didn’t know that they were born in Spain. Long live the homeland talent!

Mr. Wonderful

Anyone with a social network in your life are known. They are the responsible for filling our days with motivating and very cool phrases, bringing to Spain the concept “quote” that works as well in other countries. Its creators are Javi Aracil and Angi Cabal, a marriage that began making their wedding invitations and ended up designing phrases buenrolleras in cups and covers all over the world.

Today they have 1,200 points of sale around the world, including FNAC and El Corte Inglés. In addition, has presence online in 26 countries and the office has grown a bit: the original couple to 150 employees. That Yes, with its headquarters in Barcelona, maintaining best practices. And if we talk about money? You will surprise anyone to know that Mr.Wonderful invoice as if there were a tomorrow, but they closed 2016 with 30 million euros. That are many agendas Mr.Wonderful!


Wallapop is one of the most commonly used for buying and selling Internet apps, having gained ground to many other companies in recent years. His birth took place in Catalonia from the hands of two entrepreneurs: Gerard Olivé and Miguel Vicente.

It is a company with much secrecy and There are many rumors about their financing and their benefits, Since so far Wallapop does not charge the user for sales or use the application. In 2015 it closed a round of funding (note) 95 million euros and, although right now is losses, already planned its entry into United States through a parallel company, so will not reflect on the original value of Wallapop. By that, the country that gave birth to this app already it has been small.


The signing of sunglasses was born (and still lives) halfway between Elche and Alicante. In fact, his office keeps decoration and posters of its previous owner, and owners prefer it as well. “If put the logo of Hawkers would come to ask for glasses and we want to be at our roll” say 4 young people responsible for this phenomenon Elche.

It all began with Iñaki Soriano, Pablo Sánchez, Alejandro and David Moreno, the four founders of the company. They are now 45 employees, dedicated to testing and viralize products. His experience is such that have managed to do something swimmingly: sell and launch its product without a penny of funding. Thus, using the Facebook advertising tools, managed to charge EUR 15 million.


Nowadays, Cabify is the jewel in the Crown of Spanish startups. Created in Spain by businessman Juan Antonio, It is the first application that allows you to buy different vehicles with driver online. This innovation has earned them numerous rounds of funding, being the last of 120 million euros. Not bad, Cabify, nothing wrong.

Today It has more than 800,000 users worldwide with presence in Spain and Latin America, where have managed to adapt to different customs and legalization. They have changed the world of private transport as knew it, which has resulted in a turnover of 100 million euros in 2016.