San Diego, California

San Diego, California

If you want to experience California in a relaxed way, but also in an urban way, San Diego is an ideal starting point. The city offers everything you can expect from a US metropolis – but everything is somehow a little quieter, a little less stressful than “next door” in Santa Monica and Los Angeles .

SeaWorld San Diego

San Diego also has a lot to offer nature experiences, be it in Balboa Park, be it in the Wild Animal Park or in the world-famous ” Sea World ” – not to mention the wonderful surroundings.

With animals on you and you

For animal lovers and families traveling with children, San Diego is a true paradise. Not only because it offers the Californian sun and the “American way of life” in its purest form. Rather, it is the animal attractions in the truest sense of the word that give this destination (San Diego also has an international airport) its very own attraction. “Sea World” is of course right at the top of the popularity list. The word “world famous” is sometimes used wrongly; in the case of Sea World, however, it is really appropriate. The live shows with dolphins and orcas are almost legendary and should not be missed. Overall, this amusement and exhibition park is so big that if you are not careful, you can watch the shows could actually miss – but that would be more than a shame. It is better to plan the trip on the wild water course and the visit to the huge walk-in aquariums around a live show.

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The multimedia shows in the ” Sea World ” are also extremely interesting. Aircraft movements are simulated in a closed capsule, while fascinating landscapes from the Arctic pass by on the huge screen. Of course, the fun is not neglected either: a few times it looks as if the “plane” is just flying past an iceberg.

Wild, exotic animals can be seen at the San Diego Zoo, one of the largest in the world. Here, too, a little warning in advance. The zoo is really so huge that it would be difficult for visitors to see everything in one day. However, the terrain is well structured. Anyone who manages at least the four main paths of the zoo has a really good overview. In addition, there are thematic ” trails ” on which certain animal species can be learned more thoroughly. The zoo also includes the “Wild Animal Park”, which is located in Escondido near San Diego. Exciting safaris can be booked there – including overnight stays in the midst of wild animals.

Rest in a green oasis

Lots of green and a lot of culture, one could sum up the “Balboa Park”, one of the great sights of San Diego, to this short formula. Almost 20 museums and cultural institutions are located here. Generous green spaces, designed as themed gardens, lie between the buildings. For example, there is an area dedicated exclusively to cacti. Others are laid out as rose gardens or palm gardens. In addition, there are geographical facilities, such as a Japanese garden, a desert garden and also a typical California garden. At the end of the visit, you experienced a botanical garden, almost in passing, which need not fear comparisons.

Excursions into history

The history of the USA is still quite young, but it is celebrated in San Diego. The Cabrillo National Monument on the Point Loma Peninsula to the west of San Diego is dedicated to the first European to land here in 1542. Captain Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo was Portuguese and his statue is a gift from Portugal to the city. It’s not just because of them that the trip to the peninsula is worthwhile. There you also have a beautiful view of the harbor, the lighthouse and the sea, where gray whales can be seen in winter. The events that can be traced back to the “Old Town State Historic Park” are somewhat closer in time. Here visitors can get an immediate insight into the past of San Diego. The buildings date from the early 19th Century and house, for example, an old newspaper office. Of course there are also small museums and restaurants. The residents of San Diego also like to hang out in the main square of the park – ideal if you want to get to know them better.

Excursions in the area

San Diego is a good starting point for a trip to Mexico or Disneyland California. Los Angeles is about 200 miles away – that’s a stone’s throw away by American standards.

San Diego, California