Reese Witherspoon Reveals What Comes into your Closet

Nothing like being able to get inspirations in movie stars and famous in general, isn’t it?

Even more when the star is none other than Reese Witherspoon, so cherished by all.

She has just been elected by People Magazine as the famous “more well-dressed”.

So, nothing better than knowing a few tips than the eternal legally blonde likes and dislikes to use, mainly, not no way in your closet, and that’s what we’ll show now.

In fact, despite his short stature, since he worked on legally blonde-movie that was so successful in winning until a continuation-actress Reese Witherspoon don’t illustrate the main magazine covers and editorials.

Always super fashion and stylish, it’s no wonder that became darling of the fashion world in red carpets.

And Reese is with everything, because in addition to being nominated for a best actress Oscar earlier this year for his performance in “free”, she was chosen by People Magazine as the “most well-dressed”.

The fact is that the blonde has clear ideas about what they like, (bright tones and clean lines) and that does not use any way (cropped tops and dresses bufantes).

According to the actress revealed:

“I would look like a mushroom, because my 1.58 meter tall are a problem. Always tell my stylist that is difficult to put on little girls.”
And for the SAG Awards, the bet was a Giorgio Armani dress.

Like the style of Reese? Then, write it down:

She’s in the closet:
-Bright tones
– Clean lines

Do not enter in your closet:
-Cropped Tops
-Bufantes Dresses

Isn’t it cool? And as we love a short list, it’s worth taking a peek in the couples that People Magazine also voted as best dressed.