Popular Destinations in Portugal



Almost all tours to Portugal departing from Russia start from Lisbon, because the capital’s airport is the only place that receives direct flights from us. And many guests are so fond of the city that they forget about all their plans – such a rich program of recreation in the ancient city on the Atlantic coast.

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As such, there are few beaches in Lisbon itself due to the active use of the port, so all recreation areas are located on the outskirts. But their value lies in the fact that each section of the golden sandy coast is located against the backdrop of other attractions – both natural and man-made, for example, next to the ancient fort.

The main beaches, located half an hour from the city center, are:

  • Kashiash
  • Santo Amaru de Oeiras
  • Paço de Arcos
  • Praia da Torre


The number of memorable places in the Portuguese capital is in the hundreds, so sightseeing tour programs here last at least 2-3 days. If we group the most popular objects for inspection and visiting, we get the following list:

  • Monastery of Jeronimos
  • Rossio Square
  • Lisbon Oceanarium
  • Castle of Saint George
  • Berardo Museum
  • Palace of Fronteira
  • Almourol

The Lisbon district also includes the town of Sintra, famous for its castles and palaces. Among all its buildings worth a visit:

  • Pena Palace
  • Castle of the Moors
  • Montserrat
  • Quinta de Regaleira


It is impossible to imagine a holiday in Portugal without shopping, and the capital has the best conditions for many hours of shopping and shopping centers (outlets). The most famous shopping areas are:

  • Time Out Market
  • Luvaria Ulisses
  • Centro Colombo
  • Amoreiras Shopping Center


The birthplace of port wine, and once the capital of the country, the city of Porto is valuable not only for branded alcohol, but also for its unique cultural heritage, for which the historical center was fully included in the UNESCO list. However, people come here for a variety of adventures that will decorate any trip to a sunny country.


There are much fewer recreation areas in the “northern capital” than in Lisbon, but the local coast is noticeably cleaner and less crowded, which is suitable for those who like to sunbathe alone. Equipped sections of the coast make up a small list:

  • Matosinhos
  • Espinho
  • Marimar
  • Vila to Conde


Some observers claim that there are not so many memorable objects in Porto, and that a sightseeing tour of the city will take no more than an hour. Of course, this is not true, and local architectural monuments can be viewed all day long, learning something new about them.

Among the most striking places are:

  • Fort Saint Francis
  • Sao Bento Station
  • Palace of Bolsa
  • House of Music
  • Ribeira Square


Madeira Island, like the archipelago of the same name, is the pearl of the Atlantic, in its landscapes comparable to New Zealand and other exotic corners of the planet. Visiting the region by tourists is becoming more and more popular every year, which could not but affect the level of service and cultural life of the islands.


The volcanic origin of the island influenced its coast – sandy beaches are represented here only in the towns of Calheta and Machico, but they are so small that they can hardly accommodate even local residents. There is a mixed beach with pebbles and sand in Funchal – the recreation area is called “Praia Formosa”.


Despite the large size of the island, there are enough interesting architectural monuments, as well as natural objects. Most excursions will definitely touch:

  • Museum of Sacred Art
  • Whaling Museum
  • Cathedral of Funchal
  • Palace of San Lourenço
  • Theater named after Valtasar Dias