My 5 Amazon FBA Mistakes

My 5 Amazon FBA Mistakes

In 2015, I started my first Amazon FBA business. I have already described why I did this and how my business developed in the blog post “ Amazon FBA Experience – My Career as an FBA Seller ”.

Today, when I look back on my start as an FBA seller, I would do some things completely differently. And I want to tell you about them today – so that you can avoid these mistakes!

FBA error 1: Goods ordered too late

In a sense, in my early days as an FBA seller, I lived from hand to mouth. I ordered goods, stored them in the FBA logistics center, sold them little by little – and only then ordered replenishment. I had no real mid- and long-term planning. This meant that I ordered new goods too late and out-of-stock situations repeatedly set me back.

FBA Mistake 2: Hesitant Investments

And there was another point where I was too hesitant. Nowadays I would invest in new products and larger orders much earlier and faster. Because my business was doing well, but I still shied away from making really big investments. Today I know that these would have paid off. As an FBA seller, you have to be willing to take risks – if you do your homework (optimized listings, perfect PPC campaigns, etc.), you will be rewarded!

FBA Mistake 3: Gathering knowledge little by little

If the Masterclass had existed back then, I would have bought it straight away. Instead, I painstakingly collected the knowledge little by little. Getting the knowledge bundled together in a video course would have made my work a lot easier. This way I could have avoided some mistakes and I wouldn’t have had to start researching again for every problem.

FBA Mistake 4: Not taking advice from others

When I started as an FBA seller, I was the only one in my circle of friends and acquaintances who earned money this way. Unfortunately, the exchange with like-minded people was neglected. With my experience today, also because I see for myself at Masterclass what an agency is capable of, I would definitely seek advice from other sellers and agencies much more quickly.

FBA Mistake 5: Do everything yourself

Left alone, I was also involved in the daily work: ordering goods, answering customer questions, boosting sales, optimizing products – as an FBA seller, a number of tasks can arise. Back then, I tried to do everything myself and didn’t hire any employees or outsource tasks to freelancers. I would approach this differently today. When the first employees supported me, it had an absolutely positive effect on my business development. I had more free capacity and was able to advance my brands and thanks to the support, no task was neglected.

Conclusion: Avoid unnecessary FBA mistakes

There are many mistakes and obstacles that FBA sellers can easily avoid. No matter whether you have already founded an FBA business or are about to do so – with our Namox FBA Masterclass you can avoid dangerous stumbling blocks. We will take you step by step to success on Amazon. Follow your path to success with us…

Amazon Sweden

For a long time, Sweden was considered a “country without Amazon”. Until now, people there were redirected to another European Amazon marketplace (for example DE or UK) that was translated into Swedish. But high delivery costs and long delivery times deterred many users. That is now changing, because is now the first Scandinavian Amazon shop with all the advantages such as the huge product range and Prime services. So it’s high time for retailers to consider the option of selling on Amazon Sweden. See PaulSourcing for Amazon FBA inspection service.

Amazon in Sweden: When does the new marketplace start?

At the beginning of August, Amazon officially announced its expansion plans to Sweden. “We are pleased to announce that preparations for the new Swedish shop are underway,” the company said. An official launch date was never announced by Amazon. At the beginning of September, Amazon Sweden became visible in the Seller Central of some of our customers, but it was still some time before the actual launch. has actually been available since October 28, 2020. After Amazon Netherlands, which launched in March 2020, and stores in Germany, Great Britain, France, Spain and Italy, Amazon Sweden is the seventh country available in EU seller accounts.

What do retailers have to consider in order to offer their products in Sweden?

As soon as Seller Central Sweden is available, Amazon will notify retailers via email. Thanks to the European Unified Account, a separate seller account is not necessary. Instead, offers and products for all European marketplaces can be controlled centrally in Seller Central.

When selling across Europe on Amazon, FBA retailers have two options: They can store their products in German Amazon logistics centers and have them shipped from there across Europe or store the goods directly in logistics centers in the respective countries. Depending on your choice, this has implications for tax matters. It has not yet been announced whether there will be a dedicated warehouse in Sweden.

Advantages of selling internationally/Europe-wide on Amazon

  • Easy expansion and quick entry
  • Reach new market and new group of buyers
  • Advantage through early start and optimized listings
  • Reviews appear on all Amazon marketplaces

My 5 Amazon FBA Mistakes