Mickey Mouse Celebrates His 88 Birthday with a Trip around The World and New T-Shirts

Mickey Mouse birthday today 88. The anniversary celebrates the premiere of the short Steamboat Willie premiered in 1928 at the Colony Theatre in New York. Since then, this iconic character has been protagonist of more than 100 animated shorts and today it remains one of the favorite characters of children and many adults. Mickey Mouse is also a character closely linked to the world of fashion, now that numerous firms plasma it in their designs. The last one? Alvarno.

Alvarno He has designed a solidarity t-shirt inspired by Mickey Mouse to collaborate with the Aladina Foundation. All profits raised from its sale, starting today in your store (Hermosilla, 34, Madrid) and on its website, will be allocated to the reform project of the ICU of the Niño Jesús Hospital carried out the Foundation. Marta Hazas, Marina Perez o Jose Toledo they have participated in this initiative.

Mickey Mouse celebrate your birthday in this funny video by visiting locations around the world:

In addition, this year Mickey has debuted on Instagram (@MickeyMouse), where it already has 150,000 followers, and where you can find videos and images of Mickey in classic shorts, current images, television shows or in the parks Disney.

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