Mark Reay, The Fashion Photographer Who Fell Asleep on a Roof for Six Years

Homme Less is not just a play on words, It is a true story told in first person by Mark Reay, photographer of fashion, model, and occasional actor who spent the last few nights six years sleeping outdoors. Unfolded perfectly between the glamor of the fashion weeks by day and occupied the roof of a New York building at night, now this documentary picks up his life in the city of the skyscrapers.

A pair of Italian shoes at her feet, a suit cut to the nearest millimetre and the studied aspect of a great business man was the letter of Mark Reay during the past six years.

Original New Jersey, studied at the University of Charleston and decided to enroll in a European tour where he made several contacts by visiting some of the most influential capitals. But not all were lights in the life of this American model plant and not inconsiderable curriculum – has collaborated, among others, with the l-r magazine and even worked for Diane von Furstenberg covering its backstage on one occasion-, Mark could not afford the luxury of renting a House and he survived sleeping on the roof of the block of flats where he lived an acquaintance.

His last six years they are reflected in Homme Less, a documentary by Thomas Wirthensohn, a friend of his from his beginnings in the world of fashion in the 90’s.

Photographer of fashion and without a roof, the reality of Mark Reay

“I had no where to go, and I thought: I can stay a couple of days on the roof of my friend”

After spending a long time between sofas of friends, hostels for backpackers and rooms provided by acquaintances, Mark Reay took the evidence, “he had No where to go, and I thought: I can stay a couple of days on the roof of my friend, then now I will see what I do, and so they spent six years”.

By day he shower and busied in the gym which paid the fee barely and where he kept his photographic equipment, its unique membership. He went to parades of large firms, photographing recognized models and shoot snapshots for, however, the low-paying jobs gave of face to face with the reality.

At that time he refused to go to his friends because he didn’t give a penalty, and neither looked for another way of life, “was tired of jobs that I didn’t and chose to live on the roof”.

Now several years later, * the true story behind the mask created by Mark Reay sees the light in Homme Less *, a documentary that already has turned the whole world.