Lady Gaga Is The New Image of Tiffany & Co, But We Have to Wait for The Super Bowl to See The Campaign

Lady Gaga is the new image of Tiffany & Co. The jewelry firm has signed the singer as the protagonist of the new jewelry collection for next spring, but we have to wait until Sunday to see the campaign, during the premiere of the 51 Edition of the Super Bowl.

Lady Gaga the image of Legendary Style, so is the new campaign for the signing of jewels, specifically from the Tiffany City HardWear collection. The campaign will debut with a 60 second video that will air during the Super Bowl on Sunday, February 5, where curiously the singer will have the ‘show’ of the time more expensive medium in history This super event. It seems that the singer will review by his successful musical career.

At the moment we have to comply with these two images belonging to the making of with sober and discrete, outfits and where we can see some Maxi very striking and avant-garde design earrings. And it is that precisely the new collection is designed for a modern woman, imbued with the soul of New York, through its gold and silver jewelry.

From the mark to say that: “the characters in”Legendary Style”campaigns are women who have security, beauty and Foundation, chosen for their intelligence and authenticity. It is indifferent to whether actresses or artists, models and singers, are all original and follow their own rules, and Lady Gaga embodies these ideals”.