Jeremy Meeks, The Prisoner Most Handsome, It Is Model (And Yes, We Have Its First Photographs)

Two years later from the picture taken for his police file by the Stockholm police give back to the world, Jeremy Meeks the prison has changed for a new job as a model. Named as “Hot Mugshot Guy”)the most handsome prisoner), Jeremy Meeks is now part of the White Cross Management Agency and its first shooting as a model did not expect.

Her angular features, multiple tattoos and light blue eyes gave him the Passport to fame. Several model agencies were interested in this exconvicto Californian arrested for robbery, even altered images of a possible campaign for Calvin Klein they rocked the networks: fashion wanted to Jeremy Meeks in their ranks. And you got it.

White Cross Management is the Agency for now and this handsome expresidiario photographs have not been made wait. Just thirteen weeks after his release from prison, Jeremy Meeks has made public via Instagram his first work, a few snapshots as the image of the team NBA Golden State Warriors.