In Zara Which Are Sweeping in Instagram Skirts (Mini)

Zara has been to achieve: get the first rank in terms of success clothing and fall in love with all the female audience this season with his new collection of miniskirts. Seems to be that these are the new pants and it invade absolutely everything, but curiously they are three models in particular that they succeed in the street. We are facing a new wave of Star apparel.

All the ‘Gingham’

The undisputed winner of this autumn 2016. It’s a skirt printed Gingham – aka pictures vichy of all life-that looks an asymmetrical ruching and closes with a large steering wheel.

A picture published by ??Sara (@collagevintage) 25 Sep 2016 (s) 4:49 PDT

Beyond where you look it will find, is that the Spanish bloggers have put the batteries and all want to show it off in their own way. From blouses with the same print, to cotton shirts and ending with another print shirts. The result? Super in all versions, for what we’re going to lie.

A photo published by Paula Ordovás (@mypeeptoes) 3 Oct 2016 (s) 1:35 PDT

That Yes, if you have sweaty hands and the heart beats you to hurry, we have to give you bad news: no longer available in the online shop. But it is your lucky day and you find it in one of the many shops that Zara has spread throughout the country.

A photo published by Marta (@holacuore) 18 Sep 2016 (s) 3:44 PDT

Combine it with brightly colored accessories and the result will be summa cum laude.

A picture published by LadyAddict (@ladyaddict) 8 Sep 2016 (s) 3:25 PDT

Red… And patent leather

The patent is one of tissues star of the season, so that the mark does not hesitate to create a version with this. A striking color red and equipped with central zipper, this version is causing anger. It has a stop 60 years (will be its bell-shaped), and follows long roll. The possibility of combination is infinite, although if you want originality with very little, you can combine it with a simple pink body.

A photo published by Marta (@holacuore) 4 Oct 2016 to (s) 12:38 PDT

As a pareo

A photo published by by Danielle (@weworewhat) 29 Aug 2016 (s) 11:41 PDT

Skirt from Zara that is tied as a pareo is simply a clone (or something similar) a model that the French designer launched this season Isabel Marant. But we don’t know the reason, the version low-cost is more triumphing in the blogger world. And just have a look at the street to realize that.

A photo published by Paula Ordovás (@mypeeptoes) 5 Oct 2016 (s) 5:30 PDT