How to Get to Algeria

Algeria Transport

The state-owned airline Air Algerie operates direct flights from Moscow Sheremetyevo to Algiers airport on Tuesdays: weekly in summer and once every 2 weeks in winter. Flight time is about 5 hours.

Note: according to allcitypopulation, the population of Algeria is 44.62 million (2021).

From other cities of Russia and the CIS countries, Algeria can be reached with a transfer in Europe by Air France (via Paris), Lufthansa (Frankfurt), Alitalia (Rome and Milan), Turkish Airlines (Istanbul).

Visa to Algiers

Citizens of Russia and the CIS countries arriving in Algeria need a visa and insurance.


The import of foreign currency into Algeria is unlimited, but it must be declared at the entrance to the country. Personal jewelry made of platinum, gold and silver is also subject to declaration. The first exchange of currency for Algerian dinars is recommended to be made at bank branches on the territory of the airport: in this case, the exchange mark will be affixed to the cash declaration form, which may be required to be presented when leaving the country. It is also recommended to keep all exchange receipts.

You can import 1 block of cigarettes or 50 cigars, 2 liters of low-alcohol drinks (up to 22%) and 1 liter of alcoholic drinks with a strength of over 22%, video and photo equipment for personal use into the country duty-free.

It is forbidden to import weapons and explosives, drugs, pornography, any recorded videotapes, art objects of value, as well as objects that could offend local morals and customs.

Money and currency exchange

The monetary unit of the country is Dinar (DZD), in 1 dinar there are 100 centimes. Current exchange rate: 1 DZD = 0.39 RUB (1 USD = 146.5 DZD, 1 EUR = 154.12 DZD).

You need to exchange currency only in bank and post offices, hotels and certified exchange offices. Be sure to keep your exchange receipts. ATMs are ubiquitous.

Some ATMs may ask you to enter a 6-digit pin code. In this case, you just need to type the first two zeros.

You can pay with a credit card only in tourism-oriented organizations – large hotels, airline and travel agency offices, and some European restaurants. Try to avoid this, as in Algeria they still use a method of slip-rolling credit cards, which is very convenient for scammers.

Useful phone numbers

Embassy of Algeria in Moscow: Krapivensky per., 1A; tel. +7 (495) 937-46-00; website (in French)

Embassy of the Russian Federation in Algeria: Alger, el-Biar, Chemin du Prince d’Annam, 7; tel. 021-92-26-14, 021-92-31-39; fax 021-92-28-82; website.

Algerian city codes: Algiers – 21, Oran – 41, Annaba – 38, Tamanrasset – 29, Setif – 36, Batna – 33.


Algeria is a huge country, and for travel between remote regions, air transport is preferred. There are 30 airports in the country, the largest are Tamanrasset, Oran, Constantine, Annaba. All domestic flights are operated by the national carrier Air Algerie.

Although Algeria has almost 990 km of coastline, there are not so many good-quality hotels, and local beaches are noticeably inferior to Tunisian and Moroccan ones.

You can also travel around Algeria by buses, fixed-route taxis (“luage”) and trains. As a rule, regional transport companies provide bus service in their area, and all of them have a network of long-distance routes. Buses are more common in the north and less so in the south, where they are being replaced by 4×4 jeeps and passenger-carrying pickups.

Minibuses are designed for 7-8 seats and set off when all the seats are occupied; they also circulate briskly only in the north.

The Algerian Railways SNTF offers an extensive network of routes throughout the country, including high-speed lines LGV (lignes a grande vitesse). Main lines: from Algiers to Oran, Constantine and Annaba; You can also get to South Tamanrasset by train.

Rent a Car

To rent a car in Algeria, you will need an international driving license and a minimum driving experience of 1 year. It is recommended to rent a car at international agencies – this reduces the risk of getting a car of an obscure brand with dubious technical characteristics. At the same time, in the capital and large cities, as a rule, good cars are offered for rent in private agencies. The traffic rules are European, but it should be borne in mind that the driving style in Algeria is far from reasonable: the signs are rather advisory in nature, and drivers in most cases are guided by considerations of convenience, not safety. A solution to the problem may be to rent a car with a local driver (perhaps for the first few days).

Try not to go deep by car without four-wheel drive into the southern regions of the country – a sudden sandstorm can immobilize you in the middle of a deserted area. It is forbidden to enter the Sahara region without being accompanied by a local official guide.

Tourist safety

The situation with the safety of tourists in Algeria is far from ideal: in the modern history of the country, there are several cases of kidnapping of European travelers, including fatal ones. However, visiting the north of Algeria is absolutely safe. Trips to the Sahara are recommended to be carried out as part of organized groups with local accompaniment. Excursions and tours around the country must be booked only at official travel agencies, a list of which can be found at the National Tourism Office of the country.

You should not take pictures of the local population: at best, the Algerian will turn away, and at worst, he will try to defend his honor by force. Especially do not try to capture women.

Drinking tap water is not recommended; buy bottled.

Algeria Transport