H & M Donated 3.3 Million Dollars to Support The Education of Refugee Children

The Swedish giant has taken a new step in sustainable fashion, by donating more than $ 3 million to the UNHCR Agency of the United Nations to help refugees. This money has been obtained from the sales of Christmas gift cards at 4,000 stores around the world. So if you were one of those who purchased these gift card can be proud, you brought your two cents to the cause.

This campaign was launched by the Foundation H & M non-profit in November, with the aim of helping children in Chad, Ethiopia, Iran, Kenya, Malaysia, Pakistan, Rwanda, Yemen, Sudan, Syria and Uganda to continue their education. To do this, H & M has directed the funds to the purchase of school supplies that serve support and educational support.

“Refugee children are five times more likely to end up outside of school than other children.” For that reason, give them supplies and supports they need to go to school is crucial. With this donation, UNHCR can ensure education for many children in crisis around the world”- Diana Amini, Global Manager of the Foundation H & M.

These are not the only projects of the Foundation. H & M also supports local projects in countries where the firm operates, both education and clean water, and equality. In this way, the Swedish retailer is using its power as a multinational textile to something good.