Gossip Girl Already Has Collection Itself and We What We Celebrate?

Completed Sexo en Nueva York, the screens had been left orphans of style, fashion, dreaming about a cafe in the square dressed in Valentino. But it came Gossip Girl and again revolutionized the photocalls, waves, bells, parades. Its protagonists are omnipresent in any fashion event that boasts and made face and body campaigns. Their outfits in the series are scrutinized, analyzed, and copied, as also their streetstyle is when Blake and Leighton are no Pimp.

Missing only a watchful eye, a brilliant mind and an opportunist of fashion so that the idea of launching a inspired collection the two pijitas of Manhattan alive from the slums, became a reality. And they have been the company Romeo & Juliet who, in collaboration with the Warner Bros. they have decided to take the bull by the horns.

It is here and we have not just put between questions our possible celebration and all his fans. Why?…

Because what we contemplate leaves much desired and your image, your clothes, your photography, model, light does not make us dream with the Waldorf Astoria but rather with a low cost most own a catalogue of poorly made Stradivarius lurex.