Duel of Skirts: Roberto Cavalli Is The Protagonist

Roberto Cavalli It is one of those designers who love and horrified in equal parts. There are wonderful designs while others throw back thanks to their eye-catching prints. Today we are left with the good part of the signature and We choose a skirt that has fallen in love with many. It’s an asymmetrical garment with a flight and a spectacular fall. Flywheels are part of the role, and extolling the legs of who wears it. And today there are two bloggers who face to a peculiar duel.

Chiara Ferragni Vs. Aida Domenech, or what is the same, The blonde salad vs. Dulceida. While the Italian blonde wore the skirt in a printed version to stroll in Milan during the last fashion week, the Catalan opts for the black version and choose it for one of the finery of its program want to be (the little success has moved to Divinity).