Chiara Ferragni Is Points to The Fashion Feminist and Launches His Own T-Shirt (Sold!)

We live in an age where we are fighting for the rights of women, and we made it clear that feminism is present at all times. This movement has become a trend, by firms such as Dior or Prabal Gurung to lead the list. But Chiara Ferragni is added to it and its collaboration with Melide: both have created an affordable design (compared to the price of Dior t-shirt) that is depleted a few days later.

With more than 8’5 million followers exhausted everything quickly

In your personal account more than 8’5 million followers and be the most influential person in your field is not bad. So much so that the store that has the most legal blonde triumphs like popcorn one Sunday night at the cinema whenever she appears with some of its products. We can find garments of all kinds to very disparate prices – the most exorbitant-. Probably that was a plus to be able to hang their sold out: 75 Euro, everyone wanted to look like the Italian.

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Now hang the poster sold out

As we have already said, the t-shirt in question sold out in just a few days although many fans expect to return to be able to buy it. 75 euros, the model has that do not know what beater does this kind of garment to prevail but at the same time its price is more than affordable (if we compare it to the design of the French maison).