Charlize Theron Is Points to Wear Miniskirts and Die of Envy as Well That You Is

There are women beautiful, stylish, classy… and then there’s Charlize Theron. A spectacular woman, with an enviable body and beauty that dazzles, what is a goddess that any little thing that gets, it is pretty. In his last appearances promoting the Chronicles of snow white: the Hunter and the Queen of the ice, the actress has left us several looks young, pretty normalitos, and always wearing her endless legs. Theron rejoins look mini skirt and die of envy of the well that is left.

At the premiere of Hamburg, Charlize Theron he opted for a style in black and white, perfect! White blouse with collar and lace neckline of Stella McCartney, seventies cut leather mini skirt of Reformation and black blazer’s Saint Laurent, a trio of winner, accompanied by booties peep toe heels of Tabitha Simmons. Simply perfect.

And where it really shows the beauty and the good is in the simple style. A camel blouse, a nothing flattering color, combined with a black mini skirt with ruffle detail… and here is the result for your morning photocall in Milan. A look fabulous, signed by Saint Laurent. Precious Roman sandals in black color, which I acknowledge that they bring this chic touch to the outfit!.

For the Italian RAI South African nor hesitate to show off legs with a miniskirt of floral print chiffon liberty and a short black jersey, combined this time by black booties with details of style rocker studs.