Bella Hadid, The Young Model Who Became Global Ambassador Complements Bulgari

10.4 million followers on Instagram, that is the figure which moves Bella Hadid – one of the models of the moment-today. Forming a pair of bellezones along with his brothers, Gigi and Anwar, the median of the Hadid family just announced on your main account that has become in global Ambassador complements of Bulgari. A signature of luxury that falls in this young man’s only nets 20 years.

Bella has ensured that the Italian luxury company recalls his childhood thanks to her mother Yolanda,

I don’t remember specific parts, but I remember that my mother loved them and spoke of Bulgari in house. It’s amazing to now work with them. I’ve always seen it as a beautiful and elegant brand.

A photo published by BVLGARI (@bulgariofficial) 8 Feb 2017 (s) 6:22 PST