Bandera, Texas

According to, Bandera, Texas is located in the heart of the Hill Country region of the state. The city is surrounded by rolling hills and lush vegetation, making it a popular destination for nature lovers. The city itself lies at an elevation of 1,400 feet above sea level and is situated along the Medina River, which runs through the center of town.

The area around Bandera consists mostly of oak-covered hills with scattered limestone outcroppings. These hills are part of a larger system known as the Balcones Escarpment which forms a natural border between Central and South Texas. In addition to these hills, Bandera also has several creeks and streams that add to its beauty and provide plenty of opportunities for outdoor recreation such as fishing, canoeing, and swimming.

The area around Bandera also features numerous lakes including Medina Lake which provides plenty of recreational activities such as fishing, boating, camping, and other water sports. Other nearby attractions include two state parks; Hill Country State Natural Area and Lost Maples State Natural Area both offer visitors an opportunity to explore the unique landscape that this region has to offer.

Overall, Bandera’s geography provides visitors with plenty of opportunities to explore nature while still providing easy access to all that this small rural town has to offer. From its rolling hills to its numerous lakes and streams, Bandera offers something for everyone looking for an escape from everyday life in the bustling metropolis.

Demographics of Bandera, Texas

Bandera, Texas is a small rural town located in the heart of the Hill Country region of the state. According to the 2019 American Community Survey, the population of Bandera was estimated to be 1,062 people with a median age of 43.7 years old. The majority of residents are white (87.7%), followed by Hispanic or Latino (8.9%) and African American (1.3%). In terms of gender, there is a slight male majority with 50.5% being male and 49.5% female.

The median household income in Bandera was $47,231 as estimated by the 2019 American Community Survey which is lower than both the state ($58,886) and national ($68,703) averages. Approximately 14% of Bandera households were below poverty level compared to 12% for both Texas and United States overall.

In terms of education, about 27% of adults 25 years and over had at least a bachelor’s degree compared to 35% for Texas and 33% for United States overall; while 15% had less than a high school diploma compared to 11 % for both Texas and United States overall.

Overall, Bandera’s demographics provide insight into this small rural town’s population makeup which consists mostly of white individuals with a median age slightly higher than both state and national averages along with slightly lower incomes than average overall when compared to other parts of Texas and the United States as a whole.

Industries of Bandera, Texas

Bandera, Texas is a small rural town located in the heart of the Hill Country region of the state. The primary industry in Bandera is that of tourism, as it is known for its natural beauty and outdoor activities such as fishing, hunting, camping and hiking. Many visitors come to explore the unique landscape of this area.

Agriculture is also an important industry in Bandera. The main crops grown in the area are hay, corn, cotton and wheat. Cattle ranching is also a major part of the agricultural industry with many local ranchers raising cattle for beef production.

Retail is another major industry in Bandera with several small family owned stores providing goods and services to local residents and tourists alike. These stores range from general merchandise to specialty gift shops as well as restaurants and other food establishments.

Manufacturing is also an important industry in Bandera with several companies located here that produce a variety of products ranging from furniture to automotive parts. Additionally, there are several businesses that specialize in custom metal fabrication work such as metal signs and sculptures.

Finally, professional services are also an important part of the economy with many lawyers, accountants and other professionals providing their services to local businesses as well as individuals who may need legal or financial advice.

Overall, Bandera’s economy consists primarily of tourism, agriculture, retail establishments, manufacturing companies and professional service providers which provide employment opportunities for locals while still providing goods and services to both locals and visitors alike.

Road Network in Bandera, Texas

Bandera, Texas is a small rural town located in the heart of the Hill Country region of the state. The road network in Bandera consists of a number of highways and local roads that traverse the area. The main highway in Bandera is US Highway 173 which runs north-south through the town connecting it to other major cities and towns in the region. Additionally, there are several state highways including TX 16, TX 41 and TX 46 which provide access to other parts of Texas.

Local roads are also an important part of the road network in Bandera with many smaller roads connecting residential areas to each other as well as businesses and other points of interest. These local roads are generally two-lane streets with speed limits ranging from 25 to 35 mph depending on the area.

Bicycling is also a popular transportation option in Bandera with several dedicated bike lanes along many streets providing cyclists with a safe way to get around town. Additionally, there are several bike trails scattered throughout the area that provide cyclists with scenic routes that traverse through some of the most beautiful parts of this region.

Overall, the road network in Bandera provides locals and visitors alike with an efficient way to get around town while still being able to enjoy some of its natural beauty at certain points along their journey. With its combination of highways, local roads and dedicated bike lanes, Bandera provides an ideal environment for those looking for a safe way to travel while still enjoying all that this charming little Hill Country town has to offer.