Amherst, Ohio Population, Schools and Places of Interest

Amherst, Ohio

According to bittranslators, Amherst, Ohio is located in Lorain County and is bordered by several cities and towns. To the north of Amherst lies the cities of Oberlin and Elyria, both of which offer a variety of cultural attractions and shopping opportunities. To the south lies the city of Vermilion which is known for its beautiful lakefront area.

To the east lies Grafton, a small rural town that offers visitors an escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The city also has several parks that are perfect for picnics or simply taking a leisurely stroll.

To the west lies Avon, a vibrant city full of shops, restaurants, entertainment venues, and more. The city also features several parks such as Veterans Memorial Park which features walking trails, playgrounds, and other recreational activities.

Finally, to the south-west lies Sheffield Lake, a small community with plenty to do including fishing on Lake Erie or exploring one of the many nature reserves located nearby. Sheffield Lake also has a popular boardwalk along its waterfront where visitors can take in views of Lake Erie while enjoying some ice cream or other treats from one of the many vendors located along it.

All in all Amherst is surrounded by many interesting cities and towns that offer something for everyone to enjoy no matter what their interests may be!

Amherst, Ohio

Population of Amherst, Ohio

Amherst, Ohio is a city located in Lorain County with a population of 10,946 according to the 2019 United States Census. The city has a diverse population with residents from different backgrounds and cultures. The majority of the population is Caucasian (77.2%) followed by African American (14.3%), Asian (3.8%), Hispanic or Latino (2.7%), and other races/ethnicities (1%).

The median age of Amherst’s population is 41 years old and the median household income is $59,086. In terms of educational attainment, 85% of Amherst’s citizens have achieved at least some college education or higher with 20% having achieved a bachelor’s degree or higher.

The city also has an active elderly community with over 12% of its citizens being 65 years old or older and 4% being 85 years old or older. This population is important to Amherst’s economy as they are often employed and provide valuable labor to various local businesses as well as contribute to the city’s tax base through property taxes, sales taxes, etc.

Overall, Amherst is a diverse city with an educated population that provides valuable economic contributions to its local economy through employment and taxes while also providing an active elderly community for its citizens to enjoy retirement in peace and comfort.

Schools and Education in Amherst, Ohio

Amherst, Ohio is known for its strong educational system. The Amherst Exempted Village School District serves the city and provides a quality education for its students. The district consists of three elementary schools, one middle school, and one high school.

The elementary schools offer early childhood education through grade five and provide a rigorous curriculum to prepare students for the next level of their educational journey. At each elementary school, teachers are dedicated to providing an engaging learning environment that encourages students to reach their full potential.

The middle school offers grades six through eight and provides challenging coursework that prepares students for high school while also teaching them valuable life skills they will need in the future. The high school offers grades nine through twelve and provides many opportunities for students to explore their interests in academics, the arts, athletics, and more.

In addition to the public schooling system, Amherst also has several private schools which offer religious-based education or specialized courses such as music or art. These schools provide a unique educational experience not found in most public schools.

Overall, Amherst is committed to providing its citizens with a quality education that prepares them for success in college and beyond. With its dedicated teachers and staff as well as its wide range of educational options from public to private schooling, Amherst is an ideal place for children of all ages to receive an excellent education.

Places of Interest in Amherst, Ohio

Amherst, Ohio is a vibrant city with a variety of places of interest for both residents and visitors. One popular destination is the Amherst Historical Society Museum, which houses artifacts from the city’s past as well as documents and photographs from the area’s early settlers. The museum also offers educational programs for children and adults alike.

The Amherst Recreation Center is another popular spot for visitors. This center offers a variety of activities such as basketball, volleyball, swimming, and more. It also features an indoor track, fitness center, and outdoor playground area that are perfect for families looking to have some fun together.

The Quarry Hill Nature Center is another great place to visit in Amherst. This nature center features trails that wind through meadows and woodlands where visitors can observe local wildlife or just enjoy a peaceful walk in nature. The center also provides educational programs about local flora and fauna as well as outdoor activities like bird watching or geocaching.

Amherst also has several parks that offer recreational activities such as walking trails, playgrounds, picnic areas, sports fields, and more. These parks are great places to spend time outdoors with family or friends while enjoying the fresh air and natural beauty of the area.

Overall, Amherst has plenty of attractions for both locals and visitors alike to enjoy. From museums to nature centers to parks there are plenty of places to explore in this vibrant city.