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Yearbook 2004

Flag - TogoTogo. Under strong EU pressure, the Togolese government promised in April a series of political reforms. According to CountryAAH, the total population in Togo is 8,278,735 people in 2020. The EU interrupted virtually all assistance to Togo in the 1990s due to the regime's authoritarian rule. Among the 22 specific reforms the government now promised in writing were to organize democratic elections under international supervision and to give the opposition fair access to the media and the opportunity to work freely. However, the government's invitation to political reconciliation talks was boycotted by the major opposition parties, who complained about a lack of agenda and insufficient time for preparation.

2004 Togo

A new press law passed by the parliament in August softened the definition of "offending senior officials" and lowered the penalty for such offenses from prison to fines.

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