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Yearbook 2004

Taiwan. According to CountryAAH, the total population in Taiwan is 23,816,786 people in 2020. The March election to the presidential post was bordered by drama. Shortly before Election Day, incumbent President Chen Shuibian and his Vice President Annette Lu were shot in the open street in the city of Tainan by unknown perpetrators. Both suffered minor injuries. Speculation about who was behind the murder trials came to an end; a rumor said that Chen's own staff had staged attacks to increase the president's popularity.

2004 Taiwan

Flag - TaiwanChen won the election, but by a very small margin (one-quarter percent), over Lien Chan from the Nationalist Party (Guomindang). The opposition made allegations of electoral fraud and demanded recalculation. The Election Commission ruled that Chen had won, but in April a court ruled that the votes would be recalculated. When Chen was declared a winner for the second time, the conversion was not yet complete.

In his inaugural speech, Chen downplayed his ambitions for an independent Taiwan and promised not to go ahead with his plans for a referendum to change the constitution so that Taiwan could become independent. The translation in May showed the same result as before. Despite this, there was widespread doubt among residents that Chen was the country's legitimate president.

This was reflected in the parliamentary elections in December, when an opposition alliance with the Nationalist Party prevailed. The alliance received 114 of the 225 seats, while President Chen's Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), along with the Brotherhood Party of Taiwan's Solidarity Union (TSU), won 101 seats. The remaining ten seats went to independent candidates or smaller parties. The Nationalist Party protects good relations with China and opposes claims for Taiwanese independence. The election result meant that President Chen is likely to find it difficult to push through disputed projects, e.g. large arms purchases from the USA. After the election defeat, Chen resigned as party leader for DPP.

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